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How Excuses Hold Us Back From Making Necessary Changes

When we need to move forward in life, take more time for ourselves and invest in our own well being, we should not be making excuses. These will only hold us back and prevent us from making necessary changes in life. Excuses stop us from achieving our dreams.

Some people make excuses because deep down they don’t really want to change, or they are too scared of making those changes that would help them to progress.

When you are in that situation it becomes easy to believe your own excuses. What you need to do is to recognize that your are making excuses to mask your fears.

  • The Most Common Excuses

There are three types of excuse you will hear most often, and you might find yourself saying these too.
“I really don’t have time to try it.”
“I can’t afford to try it because I don’t have enough money.”
“I’m too busy to try something new!”

  • Not Enough Time

The idea that there is never enough time in a day to get everything done is a false concept that involves a degree of self-deception. The more you believe that you don’t have the time, the more it becomes a feeling that is fixed in the mind. If you get into this mindset, you will allow time to rule you. You will be find time is being sucked away by activities that add no value to your life.

The solution is to force yourself to slow down and to choose more carefully how you spend each moment of the day. Think of ways that will let you create more time and consider what you could be doing with that time. Being in control of how you spend your time will allow you to opt for activities that make you feel more alive and you will feel more powerful.

  • Not Enough Money

Although lack of money is a serious issue for a lot of people, it’s easy for someone who is not actually facing financial difficulties to use lack of money as an excuse.

As a priority you should be investing in yourself, not spending money on material things. Your mind and your soul are more important than a new pair of jeans. A return on investment in your own self being will strengthen your purpose in life and will place greater value on your own self worth.

Money spent on new clothes and evenings out can never lead to abundance. Money spend on yourself will enable you to life your life to the fullest. You will find your true purpose in life and you will know that abundance is unlimited, just by realizing that there is so much in life that does not require money.

Take advantage of your local library, use discounts on gym membership, attend free workshops, try out trial programs and look for free courses in your local community.

  • Always Busy

Many people ruin their lives because they have the idea that they need always to be doing something and can never stop for a moment. They use that as an excuse for not taking care of their own needs. They never get enough rest or connect with their own inner self.

This attitude is based on a common misconception that not being busy means being lazy or indicates a lack of success. Too many people equate being busy with being successful, but being busy all the time is a way of covering up fears and making you feel important.

Being busy all the time puts you in danger of burning out, and all it actually leads to is fatigue, poor health and a dull social life. To get back your energy you will need to learn how to let go and stop making excuses about being too busy.

When you have time to consider what you should or should not be doing, you will be in a better position to act on your responsibilities, take care of your family, run your business or progress through your career.

Your life will become fuller when you can focus on what you really want from life. Use meditation, have a massage or take a vacation to get back your energy and your health.

  • No Excuses

If you are always busy, worried about money, and short of time, you will eventually be forced slow down through poor health or by becoming worn out mentally. Rather than trying to keep up with a frantic pace of life, by making excuses about lack of time, not having enough money or being too busy, you must try slowing down and becoming more reflective. This will give you back your natural energy, give back more of your time and give you a greater feeling of self worth.

Source: Collective-Evolution 

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