Evidence That Genes Can Be Controlled By Thoughts

The science of epigenetics is a relatively new field of research which is challenging the established idea that we are controlled by our genes. Professor Martin Fussenegger and his team of researchers in the Department of Biosystems at ETH Zurich have carried out tests designed to find out if thoughts can be used to control physical functions. This research team has found evidence that the way a human beingfunctions physically can be affected by influences beyond DNA.

Dr Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who claims that thoughts allow us to be masters of our own health.According to his conclusions, we do not have to be victims of our genes. This is another strong indicationour thoughtscan have more power than our DNA.

These ideas are not new. Great thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla all discussed the idea of the connection between everything that exists, and they shared the belief that anything can be an influence.

  • Testing the Power of Thoughts

The project that took place in Switzerland, led by Professor Fussenegger, investigated the power of thoughts. The professor and his team were successful in changing gene expression,using a regulation method that involved brainwaves.

This is the first time that brainwaves have been used to regulate and control genes. The idea of how to do this was inspired by Mindflex, a computer game where players have a sensor placed on their forehead when wearing a specially designed headset. The EEG (electroencephalogram) in the headset allows players to use their thoughts to direct where a small ball on the screen should go next on an obstacle course. Each player’s brainwaves go through a measuring system and are transferred into the game.

The research team first constructed a network of genetically modified cells. Then brainwaves were recorded and wirelessly transferred into the gene network, using infrared light from an LED lamp. When gene cells were lit up in this way, the brainwaves instructed them to start releasing proteins. The amount of protein produced was measured through three different tests, one involving concentration, one meditation and one bio-feedback.

After the gene cells had been transplanted into mice, brainwaves that came from people playing Minecraft, a computer game which requires concentration, produced a normal amount of SEAP (secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase) values in the blood.Higherlevels of these values were found inbloodfrom mice when the brainwavescame from people whowere meditating.

The bio-feedback test involved switching the LED light on and off. Different amounts of SEAP in the blood were related directly to the exposure to brainwaves recorded by the infra-red light.

  • Overcoming Skepticism and Denial

It usually takes between ten and fifteen years for any scientific fact to become publically known and widely understood. Each year there is more scientific evidence available to support theories about consciousness and the power of thoughts. At the same time a sector of the scientific communityremains skeptical and denies that the universe is less of a physical construction andis more aligned to our spiritual and immaterial thoughts.

Whilesome scientists continue to let their own set of beliefs stand in the way of the facts, more eminent physicists arenow readyto agree that ourthoughtsdo have some control over physicalthings andsome influence on our ownfunctionality.Some more researchwill berequired,but belief in the power of thoughts can no longer be dismissed as some sort of crackpot theory.Denial is less easy when serious studies are being carried out by leading scientists and providing solid evidence.

Source: Collective-Evolution

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