Empaths – What Are They and Are You One?

Does it bother you when you see violence or strong emotional scenes on TV? Or do people who you barely know drop all their problems in your lap? If you answered yes, then you are probably what is known as an empath.

Empaths are extremely switched on and sensitive and can sense people’s emotional feelings, sometimes before they have taken the time to figure out what they are feeling. Some even feel a kinship with plants. We can sense what people are feeling very easily if we are an empath and we often take on the feelings of others, and become very emotionally wrapped up in whatever situation is at hand.

Our higher than average feelings of empathy towards others is what sets us apart from people who do not have these feelings. We are able to feel another’s pain, whether they are in the same room or miles away. It is like we have a sixth sense.

A crowded venue can often leave an empath feeling very overwhelmed. The energy of everyone’s emotions is entering our subconscious. An environment that is negative or depressing can leave us feeling worn down and unhappy. We cannot wait to get out of there. Hospitals that are full of sick people just bring us down. We might need to shop at charity stores out of necessity, but because of the negative energy surrounding us within these stores, we find it difficult to enjoy the experience. Charity stores signify homelessness, even death and people who are down on their luck in a big way.

Enpaths are deep thinkers and they tend to study everything and everyone. It is not something we can help doing. We believe in finding a solution to every issue and sometimes feel frustrated when we realise not everything can be fixed.

Many empaths have a connection to the supernatural and have had paranormal things happen to them. This could be a near death experience and a simple sense that someone who has passed is trying to communicate with us.

We will often choose careers where we get to help people; we might even be interested in holistic therapies or teaching others about spiritual issues. Our well being often depends on us being able to not take on too much from other people. No matter how much we might empathize with another’s problems, it is important to focus on our own issues in life and not get too caught up in the lives of people we care about.

An empathy will usually be a sedate and gentle person, they will not be quick tempered or violent. Confrontation and arguing make empaths feel uncomfortable. Quite often we will move heaven and earth to avoid any type of conflict. We will want to resolve any issues that are causing problems as soon as it is practical to do so.

We detest violence or any type of cruelty to others or when tragic events occur. You won’t find many empaths watching movies on TV about heart-breaking disasters. When we see people suffering, we will also feel their pain as if it is our own. While we do not like dealing with tragedy, we do not shy away from people when they need us.

Cruelty to animals is something that makes our blood boil. We feel a closeness to animals, and love the fact that they can love unconditionally. Sometimes we actually prefer to hang out with our pets, rather than people. It’s not personal, we adore the fact that animals do not judge and allow us to be ourselves. Most empaths will have a pet of some kind; in fact they might have several pets.

Some of us are vegetarians or vegans. Many of us feel that eating the meat from an animal is wrong. We also tend to want to nurture everyone and take care of them. Empaths will often do volunteer work.

People will find it very difficult to lie to us, because of how sensitive we are and how well developed our intuition is. Hiding your emotions from us is a waste of time as we can sense what is going on. We might not have every detail, but we know enough to know that something is up and what that something likely is. We can be very upset when we are lied to and we certainly cannot lie to ourselves, this eats away at us like a cancer.

We cannot pretend that all is well or put on a fake show of happiness, our emotions might take over at any second, faking it is not an option for an empath. An empath will often have mood swings. One minute all is well and the next we are quiet and feeling upset. It will be obvious when this happens as we cannot lie any better than you could get away with lying to us.

We detest restrictions. Empaths are free spirits who need their freedom and become agitated if they are not able to express their feelings or thoughts. We also have deep issues with authority and people who tell us what to do. If we want to protest against cruelty to animals and the authorities won’t let us. We become very upset. Many people are drawn to empaths, perhaps it is because they tend to sense there something special about them and getting to know an empath is something they feel they must do.

Our deepest and closest friendships are with those who are also empaths, or people who truly get who we are. If we are not stimulated by the company we keep, we get bored. If you are friends with an empath, this is not a reflection on you. Empaths are daydreamers whose minds wander constantly.

Without empaths in our lives, the world would be a very dark place. They provide the light, love and hope that we all need to see exists. Empaths are the optimists in any negative situation, unless it is clear that optimism will not help them. Empaths find it hard to stay grounded, because they are always thinking and feeling and dreaming. It is a good idea as a friend of an empath to try and remind them to stay grounded.