All About Empaths & The Traits Of Empaths

An empath is someone who was born with unique variations in their nervous system. While science has not quantified it, individuals who have these qualities have become aware and are exploring their abilities.

Someone with a high degree of sensitivity is a great indicator of an Empath. Their sensory organs have a lower threshold.

Empaths also have a sensitive emotional nature, that they struggle to manage. Although just being highly sensitive doesn’t make someone an empath, there are other factors.

They are more adept at picking up body language, and voice tone as well as more visible cues. They even telepathically pick up thoughts and emotions. Empaths can be overwhelmed by trauma suffered by others not even present.

Empaths are constantly bombarded with others emotions. This means they need a lot of alone time to decide how they really feel and to recover.

They can absorb negative emotions of others, which can manifest physically and cause fatigue and nausea in the empath. Migraines are common.

You cannot become an Empath, you can only be born an Empath. While some highly sensitive people think they are Empaths, they do not have the clairvoyant abilities.

All highly sensitive people feel emotions deeply, are easily upset, sensitive to others emotions, avoid conflicts, need time to themselves, are prone to recurrent depression, and tend to be introverts.

The difference is that empaths are more sensitive, and have more clairvoyant abilities. They struggle to comprehend acts of cruelty, often volunteer, focus on others emotions rather than themselves, are extremely expressive, can have mood swings, have difficulty focusing, and often have paranormal experiences or experience deja vu.

The real separator is that Empaths have premonitions, illnesses with no cause, nightmares, and they can feel the truth and converse telepathically. Some are even so powerful they can move things with their minds (telekinesis). They often attract energies that need healing. The attempts to deal with these often manifest as anxiety attacks or mood swings.

Every Empath has healing abilities. They don’t even need to be educated, they can channel the energy and create balance, even if they are unbalanced.

  • Physiology Of An Empath

Thinking triggers electrical activity in the brain. Neurons are activated from this electric current, this activates other neurons. These Neurons follow a Neuron pathway.

This electrical activity generates a magnetic field. Empaths are able to interpret and read this magnetic information. The empathic brain can turn these magnetic patterns into a Empathic experience.

  • More Information On Human Magnetic Waves

These magnetic waves can go through solids, this allows Empaths to read them even if they are far away. They are weak however, and can’t harm people. They are called ‘subtle energies.

  • Empaths Conclusion

If you learn the adaptive mechanisms early in life, then you are in a better place to deal with the huge amounts of information that you will receive. Without education, Empaths can resort to destructive methods to cope with the situation they find themselves in.

This often means that Empaths who don’t have sufficient education can suffer depression, drug addictions and more as they struggle to cope with others emotions.

Oliver Graham
Source: Enlightened-Consciousness


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