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The Effectiveness Of A Prayer Depends On You

Prayer can mean different things. It all depends on how you opt to look at it. Every religion and culture has their own practices when it comes to this action, but it is important that we acknowledge the similar theme that surrounds ‘prayer.’ We pray to somehow influence our path in this world, but what are the factors that determine its effectiveness?

A meaningful percentage of the population is not content with what they currently have, which is one of the reasons why they opt to pray. People basically pray to give thanks and to ask for more things. A lot of individuals often find themselves nagging and sometimes crying about little things in life such as not having the latest car on the market, not having the sufficient amount of money to rent a bigger apartment, not having their dream job, or other materialistic things, which makes them forget how much more fortunate they are than the people who live in countries where freedom is nonexistent. Why am I jealous of others? What do I really want in this life? Why aren’t I happy with what I currently own? These are just a few of the questions those individuals who are discontent with life ask themselves on a daily basis. When one doesn’t want to face the fact that life contains suffering, is this that causes the most suffering; therefore, its what often leads people to prayer.

Desire manifests itself when one begins to constantly think about wishes. We want something to occur in our lives, we want things to be different, and we want different kinds of things. This is plain desire. We are thinking so much about what we want that we forget that there are millions of individuals around the globe who have “serious needs.”

No desires equals to no suffering. Just because one gives up on their desires doesn’t mean that one has to stop having emotions about things or stop loving people. Be content for whatever life brings you, as it is enough. Let go of the pain in your heart that is due to the constant thinking about the things you need.
In this life, you get what you give. If you integrate the right effort to whatever you are doing, you will soon begin to see positive outcomes. Being mindful of where you opt to place your efforts in your speech and actions, every day, is very important. Mindfulness helps keep our feet in the present, so we can interact the appropriate way in this world and put the adequate effort to tasks.

As you can tell, one can learn to see things in life much more clearly when one begins to make a change within. Desires begin to subside as well as the suffering. You can shape your daily existence. Prayer molds the medium of emotion and tends to paint the picture of the world that we are living in. We simply need to be the wave, vibration, and be the change in the globe that we want to see. The world is already changing due to the vibrations and energy we wish to experience in it, which are the factors that determine its effectiveness.

Frances Luna
Source: Collective Evolution 

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