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Dying Mom Spends Her Final Months Looking for a New Love for Her Husband

After she was diagnosed with motor neutron disease, Clare Mauremootoo, 39, knew that she won’t survive for a long time. However, she thought about doing something for her kids and husband especially that her two sons are still young and need a new mother when she will be gone.

Her sons Jack was 10 while Ben was just 7, parting from her will be though to them and heartbreaking for her. for that reason, she quickly started fixing dates for her husband John even she was lying on her deathbed.

John and Clare at Hospice.


Clare asked The staff at Weston Hospice to help her to arrange dates for her husband John. John went to these dates but he was still concerned about his wife’s condition.

He wasn’t ready to meet someone that time as he wanted to spend the remaining time and cherish every moment with Clare. However, Clare already made her decision and put her feelings aside to make sure she will find the woman who will be a good wife for her husband and a loving, caring mother for her children.

Sadly, Clare passed away on February 19, 2007. John promised her to find a new love but he was afraid how his sons would feel if he is married again. They may think he was trying to replace their mother.

John and Julie


After months, John met Julie through a dating website. Julie was a kind woman and John knew that she would help him to fulfill his wife’s dying wish and make their family happy once again. Juile Macfarlane is a fabulous woman with her 2 children: Isabel and John, they were the same age as Jack and Ben.

John and Julie’s one combined family


The two fell in love with each other and got married four years after moving in together in 2008.

We are happy that Clare’s last wish was made true and John was able to find this lovely woman to live happily together with their children.

John and Julie on their wedding day.


During his speech, John talked about Clare’s disease and the time they had spent together, and her wish for him to find someone special.  He told everyone He thought Clare would be smiling down on them. She wanted them to be happy and He thinks she would be, seeing how things turned out.

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