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Developing Your Psychic Abilities: Lifting Your Veil

Some individuals are interesting in how to identify their own psychic abilities. Let’s look at this in detail, as well as look at what makes an intuitive good. We’ll start by addressing the concept of veils, also called “blocks” by some people. They actually play an important role in our lives.

Veils are great because as we master them we have the ability to lift them at will to take a look at other places and spaces. If it weren’t for these natural veils, it would be difficult to decipher the realms or layers surrounding us, as well as trying to differentiate between what is “our reality” and what is “another reality”. For example, there are those of us who have the ability to “see” numerous people sitting at a table, yet we only see one. Others are sitting at a table with one person present, yet many people are actually there. Some people actually have the ability to see everyone there and to them, they all look real. This makes it difficult to tell them apart. I’ve always related this lack of veils or the ability to veil with individuals who are schizophrenic. In the past, I’ve discussed this theory with several psychologists, psychics, and psychotherapists in the industry. All believed my theory was credible and a good explanation.

Leading even more credibility to my theory is an article published on Melbourne University’s website. The article detailed a study completed by a team at the University of Melbourne. They examined a group of individuals considered high risk to develop psychosis. They determined that individuals who developed schizophrenia, as opposed to other forms of psychosis, were unable to identify smells. This deficiency was present prior to the onset of any significant symptoms of psychosis.

  • Can Veils Be Used Inappropriately?

When veils are identified or used properly, they can visibly define a realm or reality’s start and stop points. They can be subtle. Of course, there are others that look at veils as barriers, blocks, or blockages to their own psychic capabilities. I believe these are simply systems or beliefs that we have bought into in order for us to feel that we can or cannot connect. Oddly enough, the thought that we are not connected is a misnomer. It is impossible for us not to be connected, regardless of what we try and do.

It is simply much easier to give our own blocks and baggage the power to keep us from knowing. However, it’s important that we do not confuse being veiled with being blocked. They are completely different things.

  • How To Distinguish The Start And Stop Point Of A Specific Evil

My nose tends to be my most used extra sensory perception tool. Honestly, the nose knows. In fact, the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is comparable to acupuncture, identifies the nose as the main central flow, or a point on the path. The nose is essentially an inner antennae. Unless your nose is really small, it is the first part of your body that leads you into a new space physically and metaphysically.

For example, during a client’s reading, I often catch myself leaning my head in a certain direction, at times it is to hear something that is being said to me or to grasp a specific feeling being relayed. However, I am also following my nose’s sensibility and relying on my intrinsic guidance systems to guide me in the appropriate direction.

  • Can We Get Lost In The Veils?

Several years ago, when this was all new to me, I experienced an out of body experience (OBE). I was completely relaxed and had no clue what was going on. Then, I felt as if I were separating from myself. I felt light, while part of me seemed to be floating above my body just like a balloon of higher consciousness. Simultaneously, I felt a fast moving relaxed kundalini warmth. Although I didn’t know what was going to happen, I felt secure and was rather curious throughout the process.

After a short while, I felt as if I was going to do something more than simply float above myself. This is when I began to feel afraid that I would somehow lose myself (the self on the bed). Panicking, I returned to my body on the bed.

Later, as I reflected on what had happened, I began to understand how important it is to recognize that there are tethers of silver cord that connect my physical body on the bed to the floating version of me.

You must never forget that while exploring veils you may be afraid you will get lost, but this will not happen. You will never be away from yourself. However, if you continue to feel nervous, try focusing on the silver cord of connection that is always there between your physical body and your higher consciousness self. This actually connects with your other (electromagnetic, epikinetic, etc.) bodies.

Using these teachings, you may find yourself open to a whole new outlook of understanding. This may encourage more questions. If you have anything to share, please write me. I would be thrilled to help you in deeper space exploration.

Source: WakingTimes


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