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Deleting And Resetting Your Thoughts

Positive people seem to have a knack for dealing with negative energies. They are easily able to delete the negative words and thoughts that other people try to plant in their mind. Most people will be subjected to hearing about someone’s problems, most of them negative. Positive people would rather be with other people who think as they do. However, sometimes positive people attract those who are constantly filled with a “woe is me” attitude. These people’s thoughts and spoken words are too painful for optimistic people to want to keep around.

Negative thoughts can be harmful to our own mind and mental clarity. Negative people try to change our perceptions into thinking the same way they do. We can’t escape negative people, however, we can delete their negative thoughts and words from our mind.

It’s one of life’s biggest challenges, but staying positive is extremely important in order to create purpose and harmony in your life. Deleting and resetting – from negative to positive – helps lift the strife and burdens from our shoulders, thus allowing us the ability to reach our full potential. Deleting the negative actually honors our positive energies, letting us live a happier, healthier, and fuller life.

Three Ways To Delete And Reset Your Mind

1. Delete The Negatives

Face it, we are not always going to agree with what everyone says or does. The same is true for every other person on this planet. If a family member, a friend, or someone from work doesn’t agree with you, and they lash out with harsh negative words, you have the choice not to keep these words in your head. Without saying a thing, dismiss each one of these negative words, replacing them with a positive word that re-enforces your positive thinking.

2. Empathize – Don’t Internalize

It is a truly remarkable person who can empathize with people without internalizing the fears and worries of others. Empathy is a natural human emotion, and we should allow others to open up and share their problems with us. However, problems arise when the listener starts to internalize other people’s feelings into their own. To avoid internalizing these negative thoughts and feelings, offer the speaker a host of positive thoughts: show them that you trust them, show them love and kindness, and allow them to speak their mind. While you are listening, let them keep their own problems while you delete the negative thoughts. In the end, you will have the mental clarity you need to stay positive.

3. Start A Journal

This might sound a bit silly to some people, but keeping a journal really does help. This journal is going to be for all the negative words and thoughts that you said or heard throughout the day. Write down as many as you can remember. It might be helpful to carry your journal with you and write these words and thoughts as they happen. If this is not convenient, just try to remember those negative thoughts once you get home. After creating your list, look through it and cross off the negative words, replacing them with a positive truth. The purpose of keeping this journal is to track what you say, helping you to better understand the how and why of all this negative thinking. In time you should be able to delete negative thoughts automatically.


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