Decompression: Healing Your Mind And Body

  • Repressing Emotions:

People around the world handle unpleasant emotions in a variety of ways. One universal way people often do this is to actually suppress, or ignore, the unpleasantness at that moment it happens. Telling themselves that this is going to ruin their day, they push it back to deal with later. Only problem with that is “later” usually never happens – the unpleasant emotion gets repressed too far back.

The basic law of the universe says that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change in form. Repressed emotions are this changed energy. We can bury the emotions, but they never leave our subconscious mind. There they linger and gather energy.

Repressed emotions attract like-emotions: they draw situations into your life that will feed your mind with similar emotional energies. Your suppressed emotions begin to take on a life of their own, growing more powerful with an inner emotional pressure.

We all make choices when dealing with emotional traumas; we either deal with it effectively or we decide to distance ourselves from it. When we choose the latter, we have to decide what to do with the energy from the situation. We have three choices:

1) repress or suppress the emotions, 2) express them – usually in negative ways, or 3) distract ourselves by doing something completely different.

No matter how you choose to distance yourself from the pain and trauma, you are only hurting yourself by your actions. You begin to reinforce an emotional pattern with your psyche – which begins to grow like a volcano – until you finally blow up and have a complete nervous breakdown. Though traumatic, nervous breakdowns do release these pent-up emotions in record time. Various religions, shamanic traditions and world myths call a complete nervous breakdown the “dark night of the soul” because healing often begins after this dark trauma.

  • Decompression:

The great news is that we do not have to wait to have a nervous breakdown before letting go of these repressed emotions. We simply need to be honest with our self and have the courage to face the fear that blocked those emotions to begin with. It’s not easy, nor should it be undertaken lightly, but it is a path that has to be walked in order to bring peace and balance back into your life.

Find a place where you can be alone. A safe environment in which you can allow this decompression to occur. All you need are two simple tools (that are already within you): acceptance and humility. Be humble and realize that all these thoughts you fear will not kill you, even though they may make you feel that way. Accepting these emotions, and just observing them without judgement will eventually lead you to a full healing.

Do not label these emotions, ignore thoughts about the emotions and focus solely on the sensations that are occurring in your body. At first it is hard to do, but eventually you should be able to just sit with the feelings. Do not try to change these feelings, just feel them. Don’t resist them.

As you do this, think of these feelings as pure energy and what they are doing to your body. Then ask yourself what you would do if these feelings stayed in your body forever. What would you do? Would you die if you felt this way forever? You could probably live with these emotions.

  • Accepting the Emotions:

So what if the emotion never leaves you? Can you be happy with that, without wanting to change anything? Think about this for a moment. Compared to resisting the emotion, if you learn to live with it you can find peace, even with very deep traumatic emotions.

When you drop the mental labeling and the resistance to feeling your emotions, you allow the emotional energies to return to the natural flow of the universe, instead of bottling it up inside yourself. No resistance means the energy is free to leave your mind.

Decompression is a process: stay patient and continue to release your negative energies out into the vast world. Soon you will know that the fire is out, and you are left with the warmth of the fire and the lessons you learned from this experience.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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