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How To Deal With Discontentment

Have you ever been in a long-term relationship and found yourself wondering if this is all there is? You feel like something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on what it is. Maybe it is more excitement, maybe it is less. Whatever it is, discontentment cannot help but rule your thoughts.

How did you get there? How can you change things? It isn’t easy, but you can move beyond discontentment and find peace in your life.

  • Struggling With Discontentment

How often have you heard people say, “I wish I had that job” or, “I wish I looked that good”? You can hear it in their voice, as well as their words – they are not content with their life. Discontentment can be a bad thing, that leads to nothing good in any life.

It’s one thing to feel discontent for where you are in life, but if you forever look for contentment in outside sources, you might be setting yourself up for ultimate failure. To find any contentment at all one must first find it within themselves, our peace of mind depends on this. If we cannot be content with our own self then we will forever look outside for stimulation to make us happy.

Discontentment causes us to live a half life: we experience something to say we did so, and to fill our time, but we don’t take the time to fully enjoy the experience. Don’t feel too bad, most people do the same thing. When you think about it, the whole “American Dream” thing is based upon discontentment: we so want to have this dream, and be like everyone else, that we fail to experience the life we do have.

  • Unlearn Your Discontentment

You spent years learning how to become discontent over so many aspects of your life. It takes time to unlearn this behavior. However, the good thing is that inside you there have always been feelings of contentment. You just hid them well because of what you thought you should have, do, or be.

While we all might wish we could control certain parts of life outside of ourselves, the truth is we can only control what happens in our own lives. We have control over our feelings, and how we react to the world around us. We can believe in ourselves and find the peace and joy that we have been missing.

As we unlearn the emotions of discontentment we will eventually find the peace that resides within our very being. Therefore, to find the peace, remove all obstacles blocking your way in.

  • Find Your Solutions

Discontentment comes from comparing your life to people you see in your daily life. You are not those people, you are you – be happy for that and find your peace.

If you are looking at your current situation with discontent, remember that the discontentment is only for this situation. You have free will to make any changes needed in your life to find your own contentment.Be aware of the discontentment in your life; strive to remove the lies that block your true contentment.To remain within these lies is to be forever stuck in discontentment. Look and you really will find your peace and happiness.

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