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Creativity And The Brain

The brain works in an amazing way. There are so many facets of it that even scientists are surprised of at times. Human beings are filled with imagination especially as children. The ability to keep the creativity flowing as we age is easy for some but difficult for others. There are a few things that can be done to keep it alive and well.
First of all, take some space when a dilemma or creative pursuit has stumped the mind. There are metaphors such as “thinking outside the box” that have a merit, which cannot be denied. Stretch the mind and come up with new ideas. Other metaphors such as “putting two and two together” or “connecting the dots” inspire a person to think logically and try to figure out how everything fits together.

Secondly, get some sleep. If the brain is exhausted or overwhelmed, there are two simple things that can be done. Get a solid amount of sleep every night and take a short nap when needed. Creativity can be sparked when a person is able to achieve REM sleep. Also, exercising may be just the thing that is needed if a person is unable to sleep or accomplish a task. It is known that cardio enhances one’s mood and will allow deeper sleep at night.If something else is needed, try transcendental meditation.
Next, listening to music can help all types of people in all manners of careers. Different styles can impact a person in a different way. Make note of the different effects and it can help some days when stuck. Also, playing video games can help eye-hand coordination and bolsters problem solving. Just be careful not to play forhours of the day or night. Another thought is that some people in artistic pursuits are of the opinion that alcohol can increase their creativity. However, it is a much-disputed issue among scientists. It should be duly noted that becoming blackout drunk would inhibit the process of the mind. For some people, drinking in moderate quantities can be helpful but if a person has a tendency towards addictive behaviors it is probably not a good idea.

There are moments that will come where anger that has been pushed down will want to erupt. It can be channeled for brief moments into something helpful. However, do not let it be in control for long or it can be more harmful than helpful. Sarcasm can also bolster new ideas and push forward similar to anger. However, if someone witnesses sarcasm or anger it does the opposite. On another frame of thought, those who are exposed to things of an unusual nature such as absurd or whimsical can inspire new ideas. Also, the color blue is helpful in calming a person and helping creativity. Other colors can have an impact as well such as red, which pushes cognitive abilities upward.

Much debate has occurred about deadlines and whether flexible or extended deadlines are more beneficial to the creative process. The former has often been famed as being more helpful, but the latter tends to produce better products and works of art. An idea to be wary of is brainstorming. It is not of the best benefit especially in a group setting for it hampers the majority of the group. If you must brainstorm, it is better to do so on one’s own. Another helpful tool is technology for it can capably increase brain function and make processes move more quickly. There are programs that will cut down on the time needed to complete certain projects.

Traveling can also invigorate the mind. Go to a new place whether it is a country, halfway around the globe or simply somewhere never been before. It can change one’s perspective and inspire new thoughts and dreams. Every new place one visits can be fodder for creativity. Learning a new language can also increase brain function. Those who are multilingual are known as having an improved cognitive ability.

Lastly, a reward can be beneficial to the creative process especially among children. If there is a direct correlation between task and reward than it can definitely help to increase creativity. However, it is disputed whether or not this system is beneficial to adults. There is a change of perspective that happens when one is an adult, and accomplishing a task well may be reward enough. Do not forget to take time to play and enjoy life. Recreational activities allow a person to relax and creativity to abound.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

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