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Creatively Think Your Way to Happiness

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

There are two ways of thinking: logically, and creatively. Logical thinking is following a set of rules, or making assumptions about life based on what statistics or polls have to say. Creative thinking goes beyond the rules and the desires of other people.

Imagine if you could think less “I am a realist. I look at what the research says and follow their lead.”, and begin to think more along the lines of “I create my own life through my own thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.”? Would this new perspective help you to change your life for the greater good?

Both logical and creative thinking are needed in the human psyche. Walking, eating, and driving your car are all done through logical thought. The way we interact with other people, the relationships we form, the jobs we have, how we see life and solve problems are all issues we can best solve with creative thinking. Creative thinking will help us achieve the life that we truly want.

Society looks down on people who want to follow their dreams. We are supposed to follow the herd, even if it means doing a job which we hate. We do these things because logic tells us that this is how life is suppose to be in order for us to find true happiness. We’re afraid to do anything else.

Fear is the most debilitating emotion in our human psyche. We fear change, we fear failure and success, we fear what other people will think or say about us. Fear holds us back, keeping us from striving for, and reaching, our goals. People will often use their fears as a method of logical thinking. These people begin to look at life as too risky, or assume their dreams are unrealistic. Why do some people think it is too risky, or unrealistic to live a life that they enjoy?

As a society, have we let ourselves think that life should be less than great? If so, is it any wonder that we have no hopes for a better life? Logical thinking imprisons us with all the limitations it imposes.

Creative thinking allows us to see that life holds endless possibilities and solutions, if we are willing to take those paths. We are able to understand that our failures are opportunities that teach us redirection as well as helping us grow. Once we reach this level of thinking we are free to pursue things that allow us to use our own talents and gifts.

Creative thinkers are in control of their lives, and are constantly growing as individuals. Their inner thoughts and beliefs actually manifest into their outer reality. While logical thinkers trust in the data they read, creative thinking know that life holds limitless possibilities and potential. They do not believe that because something happened to you, that they will be affected the same way.

We all share this spinning planet, and we all must strive to find happiness and love in our own lives. Indulging in creative thinking will allow you to develop those gifts and talents unique to you alone. Once you know what makes you “uniquely you” then you will be able to share your gifts with all of humanity. That is true happiness.


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