How to control your mind to overcome negative thinking

When the mind begins to think negatively, it is characterized by self-judgement and negative thoughts which hinder our growth. That’s the reason you’ll wish how you had a nice career that paid a 6-figure salary, or even how you drove the most expensive car. But all these thoughts are a waste of time since you could direct that energy towards building yourself.

The only way to eliminate negative thinking in your mind is to accept yourself and start taking positive steps towards improving your status.

If you believe your life is characterized by negative thought patterns which shouldn’t be there in the first place, use the following 5 tips to improve your personal growth in all facets of life.

1. Have a conversation with yourself

Supportive friends will speak positive things in your life. However, when you’re on your own, your mind and subconscious nature will begin speaking things that discourage you. Consequently, you’ll begin to doubt yourself because of the deep inner voice you’re paying attention to.

The best way to overcome this is to speak reaffirmation on yourself each time you wake up in the morning. Sometimes it helps standing in front of the mirror to remind yourself of your purpose in life.

2. Question negative thoughts

Thoughts influence our lives, so when you begin to question them, you will be able to get an idea of where things are going.

People who learn how to control their minds know that they can shape their thoughts so they become positive, encouraging and motivating.

Furthermore, questioning your thoughts is an opportunity that lets you evaluate the validity of your thoughts. And regardless of whether they are true or false, you can choose to believe in the positive. This is the first step to letting go of negative thinking.

3. You don’t have to rely on what others say

In most cases, we seek other people’s approval for everything we do. However, by relying on other people’s agendas, you become vulnerable to negative thoughts.

In fact, seeking the approval of others will contribute to fear, anxiety, worries and procrastination. So instead, you should learn to do what you believe is right without seeking approval. You should stand by yourself rather than letting that pressure control you. Face the truth as it is.

4. Thinking beyond the mindset boundary

The mindset you hold can build or destroy you. Once your mindset tells you that you can only set smaller goals which can be achieved, that is what you’ll get. On the other hand, if you think big, you will grow beyond the boundaries put forth by your mindset.

To grow, you’ll need to push yourself to limits. The world has a vast array of resources to use. Only the mindset is what limits you from achieving what you wish.

Michelangelo once made the following statement (paraphrasing)

That the biggest obstacle to failure is not settings goals too high. Rather, it’s actually setting goals too low so they can be achieved.

Michelangelo’s statement was emphasizing on thinking big — beyond what you can see. And when you begin thinking this way, it means you’re convinced that everything is possible.

5. Recognize yourself as work in progress

If there were no goals or dreams to achieve, life would be meaningless. But because we have to work to achieve goals we’ve set forth, the task at hand has to move from point A to B no matter how small the progress is.

With every step you make, consider it a positive step you’ve made. And just because you’re not where you dream to be doesn’t mean life is meaningless. Instead, it gives you hope for the future, always looking at the horizon each day you wake up.


Always remember that you’re in total control of what you choose to believe in. If you’re positive and working to achieve your goals, you’ll realize your dreams. Remember that it always takes practice to tune your mind to start thinking towards the positive direction.


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