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Consciousness In The world

Consciousness is hard to explain but it can be defined as an individual’s state of thoughts and their mind and their awareness of what is going on around them. The word is derived from Latin and even though there are many studies on the concept of it, we are still remarkably unaware of what it actually means. We have some idea of what it is, but little substantial definitions of it exist. However, one thing that is clear is that our consciousness allows us to connect with God, the world and the Universe and certainly makes us feel like we are part of something bigger.

  1. Our world is a reflection of everyone’s consciousness

What we see as global consciousness certainly reflects itself on a more local scale. There are things which happen in the world that don’t really seem right like fish stocks being depleted, global warming, deforestation, habitat destruction and otheratrocities which we are committing on a regular basis. What is guiding us to commit these terrible acts?Is there something bigger in the world that drives people to do these awful things?

  • A wake up call is needed

It is time to wake up from everything that we have done and look at the state of the global consciousness. Right now it is not so good as we have just been serving our own needs without stopping to consider the greater impact that it may have on the earth. Thinking only of our own interests may cause damage to many other beings beside ourselves. If we see the world as a place where we only serve our own intereststhen we will get that world. Conversely, if weview the world as a place where we do good things for people and think of others, then we may get a more peaceful place to live in and a better one at that.

  • The tipping point

We can see from World War Two that people can be influenced on a mass scale to do things as Hitler convinced his people that Jews were bad and that they needed to be eradicated as a race. Propaganda and lies can go quite a long way and convince a large volume of people. There was a ‘tipping point’ which meant that Hitler could exploit people for this own gains. Ideas and thoughts can influence what people do and the trends that they have in society. As consciousness shifts and spreads through society, this means thata rapid change takes hold of people and they start to act differently and change their beliefs and attitudes.So instead of influencing people to behave inabad manner then they could be influenced to change their ways for good and actually startdoing more humane things such as looking after the environment or making sure that they are kind to people and it can even act as a deterrent for wars and a whole host of other potential disasters.

  • Communication and Social Networks Can Help

Becoming conscious of how we live is the first step to a sustainable lifestyle. Technology and the internet are becoming an important determiner of how we live in current society. People can form groups and social networks in aid of a good cause and cancollaborate to make the world a better place. In short, they can empower other people to change the way that they live and be better people along the way and ultimately change the state ofconsciousness which exists in society today.

Studies have demonstrated that when significant global events occur thenpeople change the way that they think and their patterns of behaviour alter accordingly. If we change how we think collectively, this has more power than when we do it individually and the state of consciousness which is so prevalent mayalter. Spread the word and see what happens……

Source: Collective Evolution

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