Cannabis Juice Can Replace 40 Medications

It may sound unusual to some people, but still, Cannabis reveals its astonishing new secrets. People start to know the tremendous medical benefits that cannabis offers. Studies on the molecular psychiatry in Bonn, Germany found out that once the brain cannabinoid system is activated, it releases antioxidant substances that are very beneficial for the metabolism. Antioxidants act as body cleansing substances and help with removing dead cells and boost the efficiency of the mitochondria. The latter is considered to be the energy source of the cells.

Cannabis revealed the truth to be an effective treatment against cancer. More that 20 studies in the domain support these findings. No one can deny the ravaging effect that cancer medication cause against hundreds of thousands of patients around the world every year. While most of the chronic diseases can be treated with plant-based diets and none pharmaceutical products. It is high time we changed our perception about the notorious cannabis, and start a new rational none stigmatized view about this plant.

We were made by the pharmaceutical companies to believe that hemp is totally hazardous. This is done intentionally to preserve their industry; especially that cannabis and its derivatives can be used in over 50.000 uses and bring up amazing results.

It is scientifically proven that Cannabinoids shrink cancer cells and restore the immune system. More and more people with cancer experience the power of hemp over cancer tumors in short period of time. However the treatment is not applied through inhaling the cannabis smoke, it is rather through the oil extracted from the plant or eating the plant itself on a special diet therapy, because burning or heating the plant can deliver new substances that change its therapeutic ability. Burning means oxidation, and this reaction is not healthy for the body.

by A. Ouyidir

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