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Cannabis Contains Surprising Benefits For People Suffering From Anxiety And Depressive Disorders

Most of us grew up thinking that cannabis was capable of killing brain cells, but according to a handful of studies that have been conducted over the last couple of years, cannabis has neuroprotective properties; therefore, it has the ability of regulating emotional behavior and might be the best medicinal plant for the treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders. How great is that?

In 2008, German researchers discovered that beta-caryophyllene which is present in the essential oils of various plants, including hops, rosemary, black pepper, and cannabis, acts as a cannabinoid by binding to marijuana paths in the body.
Although a couple of compounds, such as THC, activate the both cannabinoid paths (CB2 and CB1 receptors), beta-caryophyllene specifically targets the CB2 receptor.

According to a study performed with mice, which was published online in the journal Physiology & Behavior, suggested that beta-caryophyllene seems to be of great use when it comes to treating both depression and anxiety.
The present study has clearly demonstrated the anxiolytic and anti-depressant effect of beta-caryophyllene and its underlying mechanism in a CB2 receptor-dependent manner in rodents,” wrote the team of scientists in the United Arab Emirates University.
CB1 receptors are known to exert a ‘biphasic’ effect when dealing with depression and anxiety. A lot of studies have shown that cannabinoids that target CB1 receptors do help at low doses.

  • Antianxiety and Antidepressant

Depression and anxiety are conditions that are able to tremendously affect the everyday life of an individual. These two conditions can affect their health, productivity, and social life. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychotomimetic of the plant cannabis sativa that has a great psychiatric potential, which includes uses as an antianxiety-like and antidepressant-like compound.
Cannabis is capable of acting on both receptors, which are distributed mostly in the immune system and brain. In the brain, CB1 receptors also get target by endogenous cannabinoids.

Chronic use of alcohol, opiates, nicotine, and cocaine have been noted to being able to suppress neurogenesis in the brain. But, on the other hand, cannabinoids appears to be the only drug that has the capacity of producing increased newborn neurons.
A recent study that was conducted with teens who used cannabis as well as alcohol beverages showed that they had less damage to the white matter in their brains. There are some alcoholics who have recovered their illness thanks to the daily use of cannabis.
In order not to have anxiety-like effects, high doses of cannabinoids are not recommended, as they can make matters much worse than before.

It is definitely quite complicated, but one thing is certain and that is that low-doses of cannabinoids do work for many individuals. Medical marijuana is helpful, butmightnot provide a cure for some people. On the other hand, other individuals have been able to completely eliminate their dependence on other medications altogether. In order for an individual to know if cannabis is worth it or not, he or she has to give it a shot.

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Source: Walking Times

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