Cancer Treatments! A Truth Of The Matter

The cancer industry constantly lies on the fact that there are long term treatments which are related to chemotherapy poison, surgery and radiation. There are few doctors and scientists dare to challenge the fact that these treatments are a lie for complete survival rate. Before you go through the process of treatment you should consider watching this documentary that is mentioned below.

Watch 11 part Investigation report of 60 minutes which was broadcasted on October 13-14 and you will know “how and what” of the situation.After losing his parents to this calamity, the man follows throughout the country to interview the doctors, and patients that are treated from this calamity.
If you are interested to know the truth about the matter then you don’t want to miss this informative documentary that uncovers the real truth behind the matter.The documentary point towards that doctors and industrialist ignores the fact that there are various less expensive options for the cancer with fewer side effects. They promote their expensive and toxic remedies that can harm more and give less output.There is no chemotherapy drug that can fully cure the cancer, even with different treatment for the disease; the matter of the fact is that they come with symptoms that remain with the patient for rest of the life. Doctors forgot to mention that there is nothing without side effects.

Chemotherapy can cure you but at the same time it will also kill you!
There are various treatments with different side effects, chemotherapeutic doctors knowingly doesn’t inform patients that there are various problems that can come from treatment, and some of them can be seen on the later years of life.

The long term treatment is an over exaggerated advertisement, and many of the patients don’t die from the cancer instead they die from the horrible treatments that are performed by these doctors.There are many chemotherapy drugs that are the cause of many cancer diseases. These drugs directly damage DNA and increase the possibility of causing another cancer issue, making things worse than possible. These drugs cause long term problems from which patient never recovers and eventually die a horrible death. These second cancer issues are not arise rapidly, the symptoms are slowly rise ranging from 10 to 15 years.

Different treatment includes radiation therapy but it is also not the safest of the treatment because there is possibility of developing cancer. There are vast possibilities including leukemia and sarcomas. These types of cases possibly occur from five to nine years.

Poison also comes in the form of treatment!

The bottom line is that these treatments destroy the human cells and make things worse for the future expects. A person who is treated with these types of remedies, are not the safest because current cancer treatments not only increase the possibilities of tangled in another cancer but also decreases the life span of the person treated. The conclusion of the matter is that these treatments poison the body and make things worse for the patient.

Source:  The Mind Unleashed 

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