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What Can Dogs Teach Us About Spirituality?

Did you know that dog spelled backwards spells god? So, it is no wonder then that dogs, as well as many other pets, retain their godliness long after humans have lost theirs. Dogs also have an innate ability to convey spiritual principles. For example, my neighbor’s dog, Sam, has been a source of inspiration for me for some time now. There are a whole hosts of spiritual lessons that can be learned from animals; here are just a few of them:

Caressing an animal can be healthy for you: it has been demonstrated that caressing our pets is a form of communication. Our pets are comforted by our gentle touch and our love for them is reassured. For us, the gesture boosts oxytocin and serotonin levels, which are effective at healing sickness and diseases like high blood pressure, an also alleviates stress and anxiety. An increase in the level of these hormones in the blood has also been known to improve memory.

Pets live in the now: how does your dog deal with time? The simple answer to that question is, they don’t. A dog is faithful, at peace with himself, and doesn’t worry about the future at all. Nor is he concerned about the past. A dog simply reacts to what is happening around him. He is either happy when you feed or play with him, or he spends his time napping. We could act the same way if we chose to. We don’t necessarily have to voice our opinion about everything. If something makes us happy, all well and good. If not, we could choose to just relax and see what the future holds.

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity: when we can find enjoyment in the little things in life, we can then say we are truly happy. If a dog is walked regularly, fed well, and gets plenty of rest, he is content. Similarly, if we eat healthy, take long walks—either with or without our dog—we find that we are in close proximity to what constitutes real happiness. For a lot of us, the smaller things in life are enough to make us happy.

You don’t have to be perfect: admittedly, there have been times when I should’ve been more respectful to my neighbor’s dog, Sam. Yet, somehow he is able to intuit that he is a source of inspiration for me. So, whenever he sees me he runs up to me and begins licking my face, even though I may have acted harshly toward him at times. But Sam also has imperfections: he is slightly overweight and sheds everywhere. He also slobbers a lot and talks (barks) out of turn when he thinks he’s being ignored. Nevertheless, I love my friend, Sam, even though I have to take a shower after each meeting.

Enjoy yourself: dogs spend a great deal of their time playing. The rest of the time is spent relaxing or simply wagging their tails, a clear indication that they are happy. When I’m having problems in my own life, I consider the simplicity of the dog’s life and wonder if I’m taking things too seriously. Maybe if we took life less seriously we would smile more and have a better grasp on spirituality. Becoming more spiritual may be the most important lesson we can learn from man’s best friend.

Source: Earthweareone


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