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Brain Scan of This 2-Yr-Old Boy Made Headlines Around The World, Warning All The Parents Out There!


When you become a parent for the first time, you start notice the danger that lies in almost every corner of your house, you begin to be more careful to protect you child from any harm.

Some things that you have never thought can cause hurt instantly are considered danger zones – It is very hard to detect what could present a dangerous risk to your baby. Most of parents are trying their best to childproof their house as best as they can, but it is almost impossible to secure every tiny detail.

That is the case with these parents, the horrific experience they went through is already making headlines around the world and it’s a serious remind to all parents.

2-year-old Chen Chen was jumping on his bed when something happened. In mid-hop the Chinese boy suddenly tumbled and fell to the floor.

Sadly, the consequence was much worse than just a bump on the head.


After the boy’s fall, it was his head that first landed and much worse on an electrical power socket. The little boy’s head was pierced by the socket’s pins.

Samuel M. Livingston/Flickr

His parents, terrified upon the horrifying sight, they took straight away to emergency room

After examination, X-rays revealed that the pins had pierced the boy’s brain.


The horrifying x-ray images have shocked families and doctors around the world.

The boy undergone an urgent surgery, with doctors trying their best to remove the socket while being very careful to not cause any additional damage to the boy.


After struggling for three hours, the doctors eventually managed to remove the socket and stitch up the boy’s head.

The operation lasted three hours, the surgeons succeeded to pull out the socket and stitch up the boy’s head.

For the moment, Doctors are not sure whether the 2 year old will experience any long-term damage, but they are currently optimistic that he will heal well.


This scary story shows how difficult it is to remove every single hazard in your home– and how important it is to warn other parents of potential dangers.

You can never be too careful.

The best thing we can do is SHARE this warning to all parents of young children!