The Benefits Of Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (or otherwise referred to as TM) is a form of mantra meditation and has been the subject of many research studies over the years since it’s inception in the mid 1950s. Studies have repeatedly shown that TM has many physiological and psychological benefits. It can increase heart health, lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety and can help improve the capacity and capability of the brain.

TM is just one of many meditation techniques and it has been proven that practicing meditation at all has benefits as well such as increased brain density and performance, improve connections between neurons in the body, decrease depression and anxiety, improve memory and produce endorphins. Meditation can also improve your physical performance, decrease the risk of chronic diseases and overall improve your quality of life.

One study has even shown that people who regularly meditate have an increased function in the brain that is tied to empathy. When people who meditated heard sounds of people suffering, the part of the brain responsible for empathy had stronger activation levels than for those who didn’t meditate.

There have been many studies carried out looking closely at how the practice of TM affects us and the studies discussed in this article has all been carried out in reputable schools and universities.

One study found that over a 5 year study that people who already suffered from heart disease had a 48% reduction in death, heart attack or strokes when TM was practiced. Another study has shown that when TM is practiced hypertension or blood pressure was reduced and was actually recommended as part of a treatment plan or to be practiced as a form of prevention for those not already suffering from it. Another example proved that TM was more effective at reducing severe anxiety than more traditional methods such as psychotherapy or other relaxation techniques. As a result of this study in particular it was also shown that TM helped participants get a better night’s sleep, improved their family life, lead them to less substance abuse and helped them in their employment situation.

These examples are just a few of about 350 studies that have been carried out on how TM can be effective and how it can benefit our physical and mental health. Learning the TM technique is easy for learn and you don’t need any equipment, all you need is you. It is a meditation technique that only takes 20 minutes, twice each day, sitting somewhere comfortable with your eyes closed. Many people who learned and practiced this technique say that they have seen the health benefits almost immediately. Anyone can do it – it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, where you’re from, what your spiritual beliefs are.

The TM meditation technique allows you to achieve something known as automatic self-transcending. This is when you allow your mind to experience the most peaceful level of awareness and only settle on the quieter parts of your thoughts. It requires no concentration, no guided mental images, no thinking whatsoever.

Allowing your mind to settle in this peaceful inward place of your mind, for just 40 minutes total a day can have you seeing the health benefits for yourself.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

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