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How To Avoid Absorbing Other People’s Negative Emotions

Information produced by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows in excess of 2 million Americans are affected by the absorption of other peoples emotions.They literally become sponges which absorb negative reactions such as fear,frustration and anxiety which are acknowledged as removing the accepted free emotions which is the accepted state of mind we should be looking for.

The absorption of the unwanted transferal of negative energy leads to the body senses to be anxious,and or depressed and can lead to substance abuse of alcohol and drugs and in extreme cases may lead to sexual abuse.

This state of mind can aptly be described as becoming an sponge which absorbs other peoples emotions and whose reactions are influenced by the emotions of others.If you check out the following five suggestions you can avoid becoming embroiled in the absorption of these negative emotions.

1. Use an imaginary invisible shield.

This could be a veil of light,an imaginary force field,ear filters for example, which only allow in positives,warm sunlight which doesn’t allow cold negatives ,whatever works for you.Imagine you are on a busy train which is crowded and noisy and you have to listen to instructions.Concentrate on what is being said but only retain the positives,filter and ignore anything else.Imagine you are taking directions which say turn right at the run down house next to the slums, with your positive filters in place you only acknowledge the words right and house and ignore the negatives.Easy isn’t it.Try this in every conversation you have and using this method it will become normal that all negatives are discarded.

2. Make a decision to only associate with positive people.

Avoid people whoseglass is half empty,only mix with those who have a half full glass.Make all your thoughts,hopes and beliefs positive.Make an effortto change every negative into a positive.Instead of saying 60% failed use 40% succeeded.If you cant find a positive find one of your friends who has a outlook which ignores the negatives.

3. Identify  your emotions.

The main emotions of frustration or anger and fear are easy to disregard if they belong to some one else which you have absorbed.If you have an issue with other peoples responses to emotional stimuli try and analyse why,if necessary take professional assistance.

4. Use meditation.

If you are not someone who meditates just take these 3 easy steps,block out outside noises,find calm,it is easy to do with concentration.Breathe deeply and concentrate your mind.Focus on all the positives,think half full, think all negatives have a positive,think calm,reasoned,positive.Concentrate on your successes and ignore all non successes.Do this on a regular basis and practice and it will become easier and more productive.

5. Evading negative emotions is just like stopping drinking,smoking or dieting.

The principle in all cases is expressed in three words. Avoid. Avoid.Avoid.Once you identify the people with negative outlook ensure you are somewhere else.
If you are forced to be near them busy yourself with something that needs doing,or if necessary invent a task to get away from them.Try and be out of range of their voices. If you can’t hear you can’t listen.Think how many people you know who are always just out of earshot when you need something. Study them and use their clever avoidance techniques,its not rude it’s clever.If you can’t hear them they can’t influence you.

You can’t guarantee instant success if you use these ideas.Everything takes time and application.However by discarding negativity and embracing positivism can only make your life better.Be positive and remember to ask yourself “if not you who? if not now when?”