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Your Aura And How It Affects Others

Photo montage, a trick used in aura cameras, enables the capturing of the human aura. The chakra system enables the reflection of aura colors of a person. The lower part consists of three chakras, namely red, orange and yellow. The higher part consists of four higher chakras, green, blue, indigo and violet usually reflected in the long run.

Kirlian photography uses the photo montage technique which simply captures the electrical coronal discharges phenomenon. Semyon Kirlian, who accidentally discovered the phenomenon in 1930, has the Kirlian effect named after him. He discovered that when objects are placed on a photographic plate and connected to a high voltage power source, there is an image that reflects on the plate. Therefore, up to date, the technique has various names to it, electrophotography, corona discharge photography (CDP), electrophotography, gas discharge visualization or electro photonic imaging. However, Russian literature named the technique Kirlianography.

How Aura Color Helps

From the above, aura follows both the lower and higher chakras, when giving an individual the idea of their surroundings and how they can use their environment to their advantage. From each color, individuals get a better understanding of their chakra, therefore one can safely conclude that there is no ‘bad’ aura color. For instance, an aura in the lower three chakra, usually red, yellow or orange, there are high chances that individuals undergo physical plane experiences. The physical plane experiences are related to emotions, sexual and vital survival issues.

Real auras surrounding individuals are in constant change in terms of color, shape and size. For instance, auras differ from a sick person to that of a healer. However, when an individual take recordings of their real auras, they learn to easily recognize it with ease when put with others.

Effects of Fear on a Person’s Aura

Auric energy since time immemorial has been subjected to challenges that come with fear. Individuals who live in fear tend to be easily controlled by powerful individuals. For individuals whose auras reflect any of the lower three colors, be it red, yellow or orange, they tend to be constantly thinking of societal pressures, such as materialism, financial needs, sexual related issues or how to fill their egos.

In order to reflect the higher four color, blue, indigo, green or violet, stressful financial issues ought to be out of question. However, this does not fully eliminate the risk posed by those with ill intentions against their fellow human beings.When individuals get rid of fear and other lower physical plane related issues, one’s aura changes from any of the lower three colors to any of the higher four colors. It consequently changes their chakras to astral plane and spiritual plane.

Remember that auras also vary from one color to another. For instance, green or blue is my aura’s color. This therefore may cause fluctuation on my chakra, that is, it may move from one chakra to the next, resulting to a red or yellow at some point. In order to attain higher auric planes. One needs to work on their inner self or person, which is something one can easily accomplish.