An Attitude Of Gratitude Could Change Your Life

Many people, like myself, try to start their day with a short gratitude session. This involves kneeling or sitting quietly, eliminating all distractions, closing your eyes, and just pondering on all of the things that we are so grateful for. This is a great way to start each day and I find that, although I may not do it every single day, it surely does make me quite happy on the days that I do.

There are a number of reasons why being grateful has that effect. Being grateful reminds you of everything positive in your life. It brings a smile to your face when you think about all the people who play a part in your life. They could be loved ones or even a stranger who treated you kindly when you met him.

Being grateful also changes the bad into good. It could be that you’re having difficulties at work, but what you can be grateful for is the fact that you have those challenges and your life is definitely not boring. It’s important to be grateful for the opportunity of learning from such challenges and that they can turn you into a stronger individual.

If you have children, being grateful that they are thriving and healthy makes complaining about the small stuff in life that might be bothering you pretty hard. When you’re eternally grateful for a roof over your heads, it’s difficult to be stressed out about paying the bills.

Gratitude is a constant reminder to keep thanking others because simply saying “thank you” to them could make a huge difference in their whole life. And, simply taking a few minutes out of your busy life by emailing, calling or even stopping by and telling them you are grateful for them and why could be quite important to their well-being. Everybody loves to be appreciated and it would cost you so little to be the source of someone else’s happiness. Besides, making them happy also serves to make you happy at the same time.

Living a life of Gratitude
It’s true that some people initially may feel uncomfortable with thanking others, but simple acts of gratitude don’t cost anything and they can really make a big difference to you and the people you thank. Following are just a few tips on how to live a life of gratitude:

· Start with a session of gratitude each morning. Just two to three minutes every morning for giving thanks could make a huge difference in your life. Simply close your eyes and express your gratitude silently for the people and things in your life. Writing them down helps, too.

· Express your gratitude to anyone who does even a small thing that is nice for you. Just say “thank you” and make sure that you really mean it.

· Perhaps during your morning gratitude session, you remember something that someone else did for you that was nice. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and thank them, so that they know how grateful you are for what they did. It only takes a minute and, if it happens to be too early to call, make a note to do it later. Or, tell them in person, which is much nicer. And, almost as good as calling or an in-person visit is an email of gratitude. Just be sure to make it short and sweet.

· Be thankful even for the negative occurrences in your life. Whether it is sad, difficult, unfortunate, harmful or stressful, it can always be looked at in a different light. Remember, there can be good in almost anything and problems sometimes are just opportunities for creative growth.

· Learning a prayer of gratitude can be the perfect reminder to be grateful. Just find one that suits you and print it out. Or, if you prefer, you could just use it as wallpaper on your computer. You can find many suitable prayers all over the Internet, or you could even write one of your very own. In the event that you are not a very religious person, you can write one that does not revolve around God. Just be sure to write one if you can’t find one you like and then utilize it every day.

Source: The Open Mind 



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