Ask Yourself These Questions Everyday To Discover Your Life Purpose

Everyone has a life purpose,whether to be of service to others, make art, build things that add value to people’s lives or just to offer love to another person or child/children. To try and cheat your life purpose is to cheat yourself of your highest happiness. Once you are being your life purpose you will raise your vibration on earth. Ask yourself these questions everyday to know where you stand with your life purpose.

What Makes Me Happy?
On no account start thinking about what makes you unhappy and say “I don’t want that”. Positively affirm what would make you happy in that moment. World Peace? Cup of tea?

What Goals Do I Want To Achieve?
Goal setting is an important life skill and a useful one. Be creative with this, let your imagination go crazy. Spaceflight? Riches? Don’t hold back

What Goal Would I Set If It Were Impossible To Fail?
This one really gets past the doubts. If you were to become rich over the course of ten years and could not fail, would you still do so? Or did something else take your fancy? The option that fills you with most joy is the one that you should pursue.

What Makes Me Forget The Time?
Similar to the previous question, it will make obvious the pastime that you engage in that is the most joyful and least stressful. That pursuit is important to know and to do for your well-being.

What Am I Good At?
This is more than just your talents. You can still become good at something with practice. A lot of business leaders have been dyslexic or not good at maths. It can be overcome with practice. Also, you may not know how good you are at something before you try it. Perhaps, in your family, you are a peacemaker. Counselling could be what you’re good at as a profession.

If I Died Today What Would I Regret Not Doing?
This can be a tough one. The regrets of the dying could give some insight here. I’ll give you a clue. They didn’t wish they’d had more money.

What Am I Doing When People Ask You For Help?
The people who ask you for help trust you to give that help. That means they trust your ability in that endeavour. It is a vital clue to what your life purpose is.

What Are My Values?
Finding out what annoys you, what upsets you: your values are the opposite of that. You will know when you have hit on your values because you will have an “Aha!” moment where your subconscious mind shouts “Hooray!”.

What Am I Prepared To Fight For?
Fighting takes a lot of energy. Someone or something has to step quite a way past your boundaries to elicit a fight response. But such people and circumstances do exist. The level of passion you exhibit will be the level which you can commit to the fight. It’s not ideal of course, but sometimes it has to be done.

What Will I Sacrifice For My Life Purpose?
Really the answer to this ideally, would be everything. But life is messy so the degree to which you are prepared to sacrifice is the degree to which what you are sacrificing for is your life purpose.

What Is Stopping Me?
This is a cunning question. You might say my mother, but look closer and you might change that to fear of the unknown, look closer and you might say fear I don’t have enough time. And so on. Eventually you will come to the limiting belief that is the only thing holding you back. Change this and you change everything.

How Do I Want To Be Remembered?
This is a question to elicit fantasy. Philanthropist or explorer, great strategist or fun guy, lover or fighter? Would you like to be remembered by lots of people or just a few? This fantasization can give you interesting clues as to your life purpose.

Your life purpose is not a trivial matter. It is your key to happiness and fulfillment. You can take your time on this matter fully utilizing your imagination until something leaps out at you, or you may realize that you knew it all along. Whatever the case, good luck finding your life purpose!


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