Artist makes life-size sculptures from Woven Rods of Willow and puts them out in forests

A British sculptor named Anna has become a viral sensation as she creates life-sized sculptures with willow branches in forests all over the United Kingdom.

Anna first discovered willow weaving in a basketry class, and she has been loving it ever since!

The process of making Anna’s creations is a long one, and it begins with her sketching what she plans to sculpt. She then makes a steel frame, which she covers with woven willow branches. Anna lives in North Yorkshire, which is full of forests that are the perfect places to put her creations.

“I … have always had a passion for art and the natural world,” Anna explained. “I studied Zoology at Manchester University but never gave up my art! Working with a natural material opened up a new world and I consequently went on to learn the different techniques of basketry. I enjoy using the traditional skills of basketry and adding my own flare to the process. I work with six varieties of English willow grown in Yorkshire & Somerset.”

Anna is now teaching willow weaving classes so that others can do this as well!

“Throughout the summer I’ve been working on two large sculptures for The Woodland Trust at Skipton Castle Woods,” she wrote on her blog last month. “I’ve been blown away by all the amazing feedback and really pleased the sculptures sit so well in the ancient woodland. Autumn is my favourite season & I can’t wait to see them in the changing colors.”

We would like to thank Anna for sharing her incredibly unique art with the world! Keep up the good work, Anna!