Why you should always hang a bag of water over your front door this summer

Nothing ruins a summer outing like having pesky flies everywhere. They land on the food, and buzz around you while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. If you’re looking for an easy and effective DIY trick to keep the flies away during the warmer months, try this out.

Read more below to see how you can make 2018 more… fly less.

So what to do? Well, if you like having exploded insect particles all over the place, you can get a bug zapper. But if you want a less violent and passive approach, perhaps you should give the following anti-fly contraption a try.

What you’ll need:

  • A heavy-duty freezer bag
  • Table salt
  • Lime juice
  • A few coins
  • Water

Combine all the items above in the freezer bag and soon you’ll have a hanging device that’s assuredly a fly’s worst nightmare.

Fill the transparent bag with water and hang it up high outside your door.

Because a light source is required for the trick to work its magic, it’s best to keep the bag close to an outdoor light, lamp or torch so that you can keep flies at bay both night and day.

Why do flies hate this?

Most insect repellants are based on different fragrances or smells. This type of deterrent has nothing to do with scent, however, and a whole lot to do with how flies see the world.

Shiny coins in water create a discomforting, unpleasant sight for flies.

Flies have compound eyes, and as a result the device creates an illusion wherein they don’t want to go anywhere near the bags – or so it’s claimed.

What the insects see in the bag is light refraction; something that a human eye can easily handle. For a fly, however, it’s a completely different story, according to Tip Hero.

Jacob Martin / Flickr

Let’s take the common house fly, for example. These insects are born with a huge pair of eyes relative to their size. Made up of between 3,000-6,000 lenses, these eyes see the world in a mosaic pattern. Pretty cool, right?

The coins in the water break create a refraction that confuses them, however, forcing them to leave.

Now that you know why flies hate this simple trick, it’s time for you to go and build your own! Enjoy!

What did you think of this hack? Have you tried it before? Many who have built their own attest to its potency, so I’m definitely going to give it a try. 

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