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Accessing High Frequency Energy From Within The Pineal Gland

People who wish to enjoy the best health should concentrate on ways to access the high frequency energy within themselves. Optimum health on the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels is best achieved through high frequency rates that range between 62 and 78 MHz. Drop below 62 and you begin to feel sick; drop to 25 or lower and you risk death. There is a reason for this….

  • Accessing high frequency energy:

The pineal gland is a pine cone shaped endocrine gland deep in the center of the brain. This tiny gland is often called the mind’s eye, or the third eye; sometimes it is referred to as the inner, or all-seeing eye. It has been said that the pineal gland allows us to access high frequency healing energy within our own body.

Spiritual teachers have often said that the third eye allows us to see far beyond what we normally see, and into another realm of being. We can practice using our third eye when we lay down to go to sleep at night, or upon waking in the morning. The trick is to focus your thoughts on this inner eye and look inward until you become aware of your inner being. As the strength in your pineal gland grows, so too will your ability to reach the highest energy frequencies.

  • Sungazing:

One way to quickly activate the pineal gland is to sit and watch the sun rise or set; this is call sungazing. The light from the sun is not quite so strong at these times and it is relatively safe to watch the sun rise or set without experiencing eye damage. In fact, some people swear it helps their eyes and opens their pineal gland to greater visions.
Sunlight stimulates production of melatonin and seratonin in the pineal gland, as well as stimulating some neurochemicals that have a great effect on our moods, sleeping habits, body temperature, and our reproductive systems.

Start out with small doses of direct sunlight. As time goes on you can begin to enjoy watching the sun rise or set much more directly. Let your eye comfort determine how long you look at the bright light. Do not look at the sun once it crests the horizon – it can seriously hurt your eyes.

  • Visualization:

When your imagination runs wild, and you visualize whole scenes of action, you are stimulating your pineal gland into full activation. The more active this tiny gland is, the higher the frequency of energy that flows throughout your body. This whole process awakens parts of your brain that may have been dormant, while actively healing your body.
Visualization also helps you improve upon any talent you may have. Are you into sports? Visualize yourself playing just the way you want to; the more you practice in your mind, the better you can actually become in real life. Same with drawing, or cooking, or any other talent within you. See yourself gaining skills and then do it.

  • The problem with sodium fluoride:

Sodium fluoride, or simply fluoride, is not the same as the natural form of fluoride called calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride is found in soil and spring water, sodium fluoride is a waste product that contains arsenic, lead, aluminum, and fluorosilicic acid.

Sodium fluoride causes the walls of the pineal gland to harden, and is toxic to the heart, brain and most other organs in the body. Because sodium fluoride is used in our water supply, pineal gland calcification is on the rise.

The best way to deal with this problem is to remove all fluoride from your drinking water. A water purification system that uses reverse osmosis is the best thing you could purchase for the health of your family. A reverse osmosis system removes fluoride and can filter out most other contaminants that may be in the local water supply. Use a sodium fluoride free toothpaste for further avoidance of this nasty chemical mess.

Once your pineal gland is fluoride free and you have learned to activate it and strengthen it, you should begin to notice a vast improvement in your overall brain functions, while increasing your spiritual intuition and awareness. As spiritual awareness and brain function continue to grow, you will also strengthen your inner ability to reach the high frequency energy needed to keep you happy and healthy – both inside and out.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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