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How To Access Your Psychic Ability To Read Minds

What if you knew about events even before they happen? That would surprise you, but you might be even more surprised to realize that this kind of thing is more common than you expected.

For one, psychics aren’t supernatural. They’re just normal human beings who’ve learned how to see through details that ultimately enable them to read other people’s minds. You can achieve that too by nurturing your psychic abilities.

To read someone’s mind, you start by knowing as much as possible about them, and then observing their physical and audible reactions to various stimuli. If you’re a good observer, you can always fill in the blanks on what someone is not saying by just reading their reactions. In fact, reading minds could make your life much better, as you understand people better.

So, how and where do you start to develop your psychic abilities? We’ve some good ideas here:


Watch the physical reactions:

If someone has their hands in fists on their hips, a turned mouth or a somewhat grooved brow, then they’re angry and frustrated. If they have their chin in a palm, eyebrows raised slightly, and lips pursed, then they’re bored with the surroundings.


Get some hints from their facial reactions:

This trick works well enough if you can mimic someone’s facial expressions. With that, you put yourself in their shoes and get to understand the feeling associated with the particular expression. Is someone is blinking faster than normal or making some facial expressions that don’t match their emotions; they’re trying to hide their emotions. For example, if someone is smiling when they’re angry, they’re hiding something.


Telling yourself what you are not told:

You’ve to identify situations when someone is giving you scarce information, and then you work out the gaps and fill them. You do that by spotting the lies in their talk and working out what they’ve left out. As lie-detector, Pamela Meyer, says, a lying individual will provide mangled details or answers to questions asked.


Trust your guts:

Your intuitive capabilities become very instrumental when they pick up unseen signals from the surroundings and make you feel inclined, albeit indirectly, towards a certain conclusion or course of action. This is important especially when your own safety is concerned


Put a line between reality and expectations:

If you hope to pick up credible signals from someone, you’ve to check your own desires first so they don’t cloud your ability to read even those signals that you didn’t expect. Breathe deep, spend some quiet time, or even meditate. It helps to clear your mind and makes you sharper.

A study into mind reading has revealed that one chemical, Oxytocin, boosts one’s mind-reading capabilities. Oxytocin is released when you engage in a pleasurable activity or get intimately close to someone. For example, it’s a smart idea to hug someone right before you start figuring them out. It boosts your ability to pick up cues.

With advanced technology, mind-reading can be used to reconstruct images from a person’s brain by mapping out the activated parts of the brain. A thinking pattern was established and its neural activity understood, and the researchers were able to run some very interesting trials in mind-reading.

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