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9 Ways Emotionally Unavailable People Hide Their Feelings

A soul mate has to be available to begin a relationship with you. If they are not available than they are not your soul mate. This is according to Dr. Judith Orloff who is a psychiatrist as well as an author.

Getting involved in a relationship with a person that is emotionally unavailable can be something that you may regret. Falling for someone that is unavailable is not hard to do. Sometimes even people that are good character judges can be taken by surprise.

People that get involved with those emotionally unavailable may be confused. It can be even more confusing if there is initial chemistry. When a person falls in love that is where the trouble begins.

When you put yourself in a place where you get emotionally attached to someone you are putting yourself at risk. If they do not return the feelings that is when the hurt and reject comes in.

Below are 9 Common Behaviors of these that are Emotionally Unavailable:

1. Emotional Play

A person may be close but far away at the same time. Many people like the initial feeling when getting involved with someone new. This happy feeling turns to a feeling on confusion in a short period of time.

2. No Respect for Time

They always seem to be late when meeting you somewhere or picking you up. This is very disrespectful. There are other responsibilities you need to handle instead of waiting on them.

3. Ambiguity

A person that is unavailable will not give a definite answer about the status of the relationship. They will not answer if the relationship is exclusive and may avoid meeting the family. What they say can have a number of different meanings.

4. Too Apologetic

They always seem to be sorry for something. They are sorry for being late, sorry about what happened yesterday, and so on. If they are saying sorry very often something is wrong. There is another problem they are not sorry about.

5. Latch Ditch Efforts

A couple breaks up. Then their ex calls to get together or stop by for a visit and it seems they have the perfect timing.

6. Lack of Communication

They either answer a question too quickly or they take too long to answer. They may speak to their significant other like they are talking to a friend.

7. Forgetful

An emotionally unavailable person will often forget things. This is usually followed with the I’m sorry excuses.

8. Unsure Feelings

An emotionally unavailable person will leave their partner feeling confused, perplexed, unsure, other similar feelings. Baffled is one of the best words to describe this. This is not a respectful thing to do to someone that you say you care about.

9. They are confused

They are not sure what they want in a relationship and unsure about their feelings.
An emotionally unavailable person is not hard to spot. This person may have poor social ethics, may be emotionally unavailable, or they may be both. Once you recognize these signs save yourself the heartache and move on.

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