9 Signs Your Soul Has Been Here Before

Many approach reincarnation as a myth. Thanks to the British study, they have gone the extra mile to research on what reincarnation is. Different from what people say, reincarnation is not only experienced when you are dead but also can be experienced by a person who decide to change his ways.

There are many signs that can help you detect if you are an older life. This includes:

Being able to tolerate sufferings than others. Time in the world can make you stronger than the rest. If you are able to handle pain and sufferings than others, it only means you have an older soul.

Remembering your past live is also common in older souls. Hypnotherapist can help you retrieve such dreams. If you have powerful emotions that are easily evoked. Answer is probably the old memories evoked such feelings.

Time is timeless to an older soul. If the soul has been in the world before it will tend to not worry about time. This is because it has experienced more time, they never worry because they have all the time in the world to change or correct what they ever did.

Feeling like this is not where you belong, can also be a sign to prove that you are an older soul. You are able to withstand being there but there is always something that always tell you don’t belong there. Also the fact that you are attracted to a certain culture, place or people it can be in the other life you were associated with such culture or people.

You are usually more self-aware than a new soul. You are able to feel clearly what is around you. Everything around you, you sense it in 3D. This is why you are able to control what is around you and you don’t easily overreact to situations.

You empathize with people. Being in this life more than once, you can be able to connect with people this is why you tend to understand their feelings. One feels comfortable being around you in time of pain and sorrow. You always give a helping hand to your family and friend.

You always have a well-developed intuition. This is because you have more practice and experience. This way you are able to sense things that are not right. You react in control.

When you want something, you get it. This is because you know how to attract one to accept to do what you want. Many people are usually surprised and other may hate you for that. It is because you have learnt the law of attraction.

You think and act in a different perspective. One may tend to think you are avoiding to face the reality. But the reality is you have been there before.

You already know you have more than one chance to change anything you don’t like. Hence you can try to change what you want now. Then in the other life change the next.

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