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8-Year Old Girl Shrinks Cancer Tumors by 75% with Diet

Recently a story emerged that an 8 year old girl had been treating her cancer via a special diet. It should be made clear that surgical procedures always offer a definite and complete cure for cancer, especially when it has reached its latter stages in patients. Surgery and radiotherapy can put patients through a great deal of pain without actually improving their life expectancy.

Often cancer results from poor diets that fill peoples’ bodies with toxins, and a body PH level that happens to be too low (i e too much acidic food). A healthy diet alongside not smoking and limited intakes of alcohol can go a long way in preventing cancer, and it would delay its return in patients that have already survived it.

The Ancient Greek Hippocrates had a most apt saying – let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

It is a pity that there doctors and surgeons out there that do not know the wise advice of Hippocrates, or that have ignored its importance. Changing diets to contain more fresh fruit and vegetables plus lowering fat and meat intake is a proven means of combating cancer. Research also shows that such diets help to prevent cancer in the first place. Without a change of diet more traditional forms of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can cause a great deal of damage to the human body without been completely successful in beating cancer.

Besides dietary changes, at least thirty different medical studies have concluded that cannabis can be a highly effective form of cancer treatment. However its widespread promotion is unlikely due to political concerns about promoting recreational drug use.

So the conventional medical opinion that only chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery can be used to fight and successfully cure cancer is a short-sighted one. A healthy diet can be vital in countering cancer plus it would help to prevent other conditions that kill people such as diabetes, heart disease, and strokes.

Therefore I would find it quite convincing to hear that improved diet would help shrink cancer in a girl by 75 %.

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