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8 Tips For Manifesting Magic Into Your Life

When I meet people for the first time and they see the big silver pentacle that I wear around my neck then they either are curious or give me a wide berth! A lot of people think of magic as something to be feared as they don’t understand it and it certainly doesn’t help when in the 1980’s and 1990’s magic was being shown on TV as being incense, making spells by candlelight and generally someone to beware of.

Of course magic is nothing like that and is a way of life not something that you do to someone against their will. Below I have listed 8 tips for manifesting magic into your life.

  • Tip 1/ Learn to accept your personal power

Never underplay your personal power, this is very important. It’s not a case of trying to manipulate people its just that we don’t use or believe that we have so much personal power to do what we want to do. The way to get personal power is to believe in yourself and to make the right decisions and stand up for what you believe and not give this power away to anyone else. As Buddha said ” what we think we become”. Your thoughts are power and can create the world around you.

  • Tip 2/ Learn to be present to be magnetic

This means that you should live in the present and not worry about the past as you cannot change it. You are there in the present and you should enjoy the world around you that is magical. Try not to think about fear, disappointment or expectation, just enjoy being in the here and now.

  • Tip 3/ Learn to let go

When you learn to let go you don’t have any expectations on how things will work out or on how you will get from A to B. Being magical is about focusing and visualizing the things that you want and then to believe that you will get them. After you have done this then let it go out into the world and believe that what you need will come to you when the time is right.

  • Tip 4/ Learn to be grateful

This is how magic works, being grateful for what you have and to keep spiritual and know that the Law of Attraction exists and that you will get what you want as long as you truly believe. When you receive something good no matter how small, then be thankful to the above that things are getting better and that from small things big things can grow. Always remember to thank spirit and you will receive.

  • Tip 5/ Learn to be open

This is knowing that things don’t always work out the way that we think they should and that sometimes you get what you need not what you want, as the old song from Mick Jagger went. Know that things you ask for are not always delivered exactly how you think they should be and that sometimes you will only get what is best for you in a different way to what you expected.

  • Tip 6/ Learn to notice signs

Look around and be aware that there are signs everywhere and learn to read them. Try meditation and listen to your intuition as this is magic working for you. Learn to sidestep your ego and listen to the quiet stillness that is. When you truly look around you will see signs everywhere that you didn’t notice before.

  • Tip 7/ Learn to feel the divine

Learn to manifest an image of the divine that you connect to. It could be God, a Goddess, an Angel, or anything that you feel is divine in you. Once you connect to this magic then this energy can bring about what you desire.

  • Tip 8/ Learn to care for your energy

It would be nice in the future to have a vision that the children shall learn meditation and that they should be taught how to cleanse and balance the chakras. To learn how to use their energy wisely and to protect themselves against negative energy. To harness the energy for the good and to produce what they want in life. When the chakras are off our health is off and when you know and use your energy wisely then you have the only magic you will ever need in your life!

Angel Starr

Source: Spiritsienceandmethaphysics


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