8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood

Having one of those days where you just suddenly feel down in the dumps or even just jump starting your day in low vibration? It doesn’t have to be for any stressing reason but anything that makes you feel downhearted may give you a hard time in staying on a positive note.

Here are 8 ways to improve your mood:

1. Power-up in motion

Lying down or sitting too much gives you that low vibration key that’s making you feel really down. Help yourself in thinking positive by getting up your chair and kick up the motion. Go for a drive, ride a bicycle, hit the roller-coaster— the faster you’re going the higher your vibration will go.

2. Bedazzle yourself

Looking like a granny on those pajamas and junking up on ice cream while watching chick flicks. This cliché is actually not as overrated as you may think it is, it is actually quite a common thing for down-in-the-dumps women. Look pretty to feel pretty— dolling up just because it’s Wednesday will spice up that depressed feeling of yours. Besides, who wouldn’t feel better looking at themselves in the mirror looking all nice and pretty?

3. Do the housekeeping

Where you live defines who you are. Sporting a messy unkempt house just shows just how badly you feel inside. Clearing out the junk off your counters and sweeping the floor will definitely give you that positive hyper drive you’re needing. A well-cleaned up house will give you more room to think and even the sense of accomplishment when you finally slump on a rewarding treat after cleaning up your abode.

4. Invest in comedies

Getting a good laugh is absolutely the best cure for low vibration. Thinking positive starts with a light-headed mind and clearing all those stressing matter off your head with a good comedy is just the right meditation for you. A good laugh will instantly improve your mood at any time anywhere. Stay positive after every movie or clip by doing other activities instead of going back to bed.

5. Face the music

When in a funk, don’t allow sad love songs or low key ballads funk you up any further. Go for those happy action songs or upbeat music to reverse your low vibrational resonance. Bubbly music will seduce you into thinking positive so grab your headphones, stand up and groove with the music.

6. Do some power kicks

Our body has a way of making us feel good. Endorphin are enzymes in our bodies that make us feel great, in other words, it’s our body’s own happy drug. And the best way of kick starting our day with plenty of endorphin is by exercise. You don’t have to go for a high powered exercise, you can just take a walk, stretch out under the morning sun, go out for a jog or hit the gym.

7. Meditation

The cosmos has its own energy affecting the way you feel and in order to get in sync with your inner energy, you should start with meditation. No need to enroll for a meditation class, just take a breather by find your comfortable position with your eyes closed and keep taking deep breaths. Do this for fifteen minutes, it will help you ease your heavy loaded mind and will definitely improve your mood.

8. Hugs and kisses

Hugging or kissing your loved one is definitely something that makes you feel good every time. Scientifically speaking, giving bear hugs and long kisses makes your body release a hormone called oxytocin. It’s a chemical that gives you that really good sensation improving your mood 100%.

These are only a few simple activities that you can do to get rid of the funk. There may be other options out there but these are the simplest ones that you can do without spending a penny. Just choose which one fits you best and discover other means of improving your mood.

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