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8 Signs You Are A Toxic Person

Everyone goes through different seasons of their life. In fact, no one appears to be exempt from a certain amount of frustration, depression, and discouraging times. Because all of these are natural emotions, it’s simply part of normal part of normal human emotions.Although these are times that everyone can experience, it is important that you do not go beyond occasional bouts and becoming a grumpy toxic person to be around.

With this being said, how can you identify toxic symptoms that you may be carrying, specifically those that will wreak havoc on yourself and others around you. To make sure your problems have not spiraled into a continual problem, here’s XX signs that should not apply to you.

#1. – You blame everyone else for your problems

Everyone has major difficulties from time to time and it makes life appear to be unbearable. In some circumstances, however, people tend to blame their problems on others since it may seem the best thing to do. Though this normally happens out of frustration and out guilt, its best to take responsibility yourself instead of always pawning them off on others around you.

#2. – You’re Self-Centered

“If you think that you have had a bad day, let me tell you about mine.” If this is your first response to someone else’s hard times, you should think twice before spilling your guts.

#3. – You have enemies

It’s not uncommon for political figures to have lots of enemies because of the nature of their positions. However, if you have an endless long list of names that you can recall, you need to make sure that you are not the main contributor to the formation of this gathering.

#4. You’re Negative and Cannot Complaining

If you have a bad day every once in a while, venting can be healthy to release all of the stress. However, if your days begin with a long monologue of oughts that you have against your job, your mother, your ex boy friend, your last vacation, you may eventually find yourself all alone.

#5. Too Much Drama Surrounds You

Dissimilar to an American drama, your life should not read like a sitcom. Any drama that people find attached to your life should be the exception and not the rule. So, for those of you that cannot help but become involved in someone else’s life, you may need to find a serious hobby that can keep you real real busy.

#6. You believe its better to be Right than Happy

Being right all the time is not possible, everyone is provided with at least one opportunity to be wrong in their lifetime. So, to keep the peace in your work place and your home, you can take the hit every once in while, even if it’s not your fault.

#7. You Enjoy giving back handed Compliments

If it’s not a real compliment, please forgo the remarks. Snide remarks buried in a compliment is easier to see than most people may think. In fact, if you find yourself doing it, a peace of humble pie apology can fix these situations right away.

#8. You like talking behind other’s back

The mark of a true adult and friend is one that refuses to talk behind someone else’s back. In fact, those who gossip are often seen as those who enjoy being involved in juvenile pleasure and also lack the diplomatic social skills that’s needed to be genuine.