8 Indications That Your Ego Is Attempting To Sabotage You

Our ego is best described as your outward mask that you wear most of the time. Of course, hidden beneath your outward appearance is your true self that wishes it could reveal itself, but your ego prefers to maintain it’s control over you all the time. Your ego can’t stand relinquishing it’s power over you, and unfortunately, many never overcome the ego’s domain during the span of their life. If you’ve felt that you’re constantly at odds with your own mind, your ego may feel that your higher self is it’s biggest threat.

Below are 8 indications to examine if you believe your ego is making an attempt to sabotage you:

1. Your behavior has become highly self-destructive.

Do self-loathing thoughts circulate in your head, and you’re experiencing compulsive habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol? Your ego comes from a dark place, and keeping it tame is one of the most complex human tasks anyone can encounter during their life. Your ego fears relinquishing control, so it strives to keep you in a state of low vibration to avoid clarity. So, if you’ve developed destructive habits and thought patterns that are demeaning and self-defeating, you can likely point to your ego as the culprit.

2. You are excessively self-conscious around other people.

Sometimes your ego doesn’t make a grand entrance; it may take a more subtle approach. Self-destructive habits also can include your lack of self-confidence, but this isn’t always as obvious as physical acts, such as smoking or drinking, but you can still likely blame your ego. Your ego will consistently strive to make you doubt yourself, which leads to relying on behaviors outside your consciousness to gain contentment. However, once you journey into your heart and act out of love instead of fear, you’ll gradually begin to see a tendency towards this behavior dissipate.

3. You often complain.

The ego loves to fault in every situation and with every person, therefore, it obsesses on all the atrocities and misfortunes you’ve encountered in your life every day. Complaining about something once in a while is a typical part of life, but if you observe yourself viewing the glass as half-empty more than you usually do, it’s time to look inward and let your ego know that everything is fine, and it has no need to worry.

4. You’re quick to dwell on negativity, as opposed to considering life’s positive aspects.

Growing into a Negative Nancy can occur without you even observing this consciousness shift due to the ego’s craftiness. It’s preference is to operate unseen in the background to avoid detection. Viewing the world from a negative vantage point reflects negatively on your vibration. Therefore, if you wish to begin observing life’s positive aspects, work towards taming your ego and, alternatively, draw from your soul for inspiration.

5. You are at the center of frequent arguments.

As we’ve established, the ego dislikes being wrong, and gets easily wounded if things aren’t going its way. If you always have to get the last word and you can’t stand when other people are right, your ego is asserting itself negatively in your life.

6. You pass harsh judgement on others.

Passing harsh judgement can accompany a negative world view. Passing judgement on others is just your own reflection looking back at you. The manner in which you see yourself, you’ll tend to see in others, so if you want to begin observing the good in people, it’s vital to first realize your own positive assets.

7. You have difficulty listening to others without wanting to interject.

When your ego is ruling you, it’s not able to meet others in the middle. It only operates employing it’s own approach, so letting others speak and giving them your attention terrifies the ego. It doesn’t enjoy paying mind to others, so if you’re having a difficult time letting other people speak without the urge to interrupt, your ego is obviously dominating your energy.

8. You act with vengeance when others hurt your feelings.

The ego has a need to seek vengeance when it experiences pain, and in the spirit of revenge, of course, it attempts to destroy others. Your ego thrives by tearing down both you and others, so to experience it’s full potential, it’s goal is to always hurt others. Your ego is fed on a steady diet of destruction and pain, but even so, this doesn’t mean it’s always necessarily negative. It’s important that you learn to assert your ego for good purposes, not evil ones, just like a superhero would do! These fantastical super humans all have astounding powers, but they also know that they must employ these assets wisely to benefit both themselves and humanity in its entirety.

By: Amy Russel

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