7 Signs of Low Vibration Energy

A high level of vibration in the movement of light energy is what brings good things into our lives, while a low vibration has a negative affect on our happiness. Low vibration is not something you should ever feel guilty about and there is nothing very bad about experiencing it, but there are clear signs you should look out for.

At the end of this article you will find energy raising solutions that will increase your vibration, but first it is necessary to identify the signs of low vibration. The following list is set out so that you can identify the symptoms and take action to raise your vibration up to a level that will allow happiness back into your life.

Seven Symptoms of Low Vibration

1. Dandruff

The crown chakra is located at top of your head, which is where you communicate with your higher self. Severe dandruff is a sign that this line of communication is blocked and you are receiving less light from the universe.

2. Debt and poverty

High energy vibration and conscious living create abundance, which is a source of happiness. It means having enough to meet our needs. Struggling financially is a clear sign of low vibration.

3. Disease

A short illness indicates temporarily low vibration, but a long term health condition will be caused by a blockage to energy that comes from stress and negative thinking. Disease should be seen as meaning a lack of ease.

4. Frequent accidents or a lot of physical injury

Low vibration means that you are going against the natural flow of energy instead of being in harmony with the universe. When you start having frequent accidents it’s an indication that you need to get back into a more positive flow of energy.

Being injured physically is another sign of low vibration, for precisely the same reason that unbalanced thinking result in frequent accidents.

5. Inability to sleep

During sleep the subconscious becomes more closely connected to the oneness of the universe. If you suffer from insomnia it means that anxiety and low vibration is causing difficulty with making that connection.

6. Strained relationships

A difficult relationship with a partner, co-worker, neighbor or friend is less of a concern than when all of your relationships seemed strained,which is a strong indication of low vibration.

7. Wearing protective root chakra colors

There is nothing wrong in wearing red, grey, brown or black if you do this moderately. However, if you find that you are wearing any of those colors most or all of the time, it’s a sign of low vibration and you are subconsciously protecting your survival state.

Raise Your Energy Vibration Frequency

Low vibration frequency is something everyone experiences from time to time and you should not worry too much if occasionally you find yourself with some of the above symptoms. If it becomes persistent or long lasting, you can work at raising your energy level to bring happiness back into your life.

There are a number of easy solutions to removing the signs of low vibration. You can start by doing some daily meditation. This will allow you to reconnect more quickly with the universe. Then you can work with gemstones to increase your energy vibration. Burning sage will help to clear away some of the negative energy that surrounds you in your home.

When you find yourself becoming disconnected through low vibration, take it as a sign that you need to take more care of yourself. All that is necessary is to adopt a conscious living strategy that will raise your vibration up to a level where those negative symptoms are reduced or they disappear completely.


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