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7 Signs You Are Experiencing Real Synchronicity

Carl Jung, a famous psychologist termed the coin Synchronicity. This term explains the occurrence of ‘meaningful coincidences’ in a person’s life which are ironic and unlikely but helpful. It is a sign of your connectedness and intuition. If you have experienced synchronicity then it tells you that you are in the right place at the right time.

Suppose you are thinking of someone and they call you right then. You might think of them as just coincidences but well, they are a lot more than that. They are meaningful coincidences that tell you about you and your life as well as your relationships with different people in your life.

7 Real Signs of Synchronicity

Though the probability of any of these happenings to take place is low, several people around the globe have experienced it many times. With this phenomenon, you realize that you are on the right path and are open to spiritual guidance.

Let us discuss some common examples of synchronicity which can happen in anyone’s life.

  1. You are thinking about someone and you suddenly run into that person, receive a call, email or text message from him at that very moment.
  2. You come across a product randomly which you were not looking for at all but it helps solve a problem that you had been facing. It can be an advertisement on TV or an item sitting in your store shelf!
  3. You are watching a television show or movie and you realize that its story line is exactly the same as your current life issues.
  4. You hear some strangers discuss an issue that you yourself have been thinking about.
  5. You meet a person who helps you through a challenge you are facing and you feel that they have come just to help you.
  6. You suddenly get a reassuring message at the right time be it from your spouse, child or a relative!
  7. Everything gets lined up really well and you experience amazing timing of several things as one thing gets delivered at the right time followed by another.

Synchronicity can occur at any time of your life with these just being some simple examples of it. So have you experienced any of these synchronicities yet or got some amazing examples of your own?

You’re sure to experience synchronicity sooner than later. Keep a look out for the next one, and you might be surprised as to how soon they happen. This is because there are plenty of meaningful coincidences happening on in our lives but we do not seem to realize they are happening. Becoming a lot more attentive to you and your surroundings will help you understand what’s happening around you and identify these real incidents of synchronicity more easily.

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