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7 Negative Habits You Must Avoid For High Vibration

Are you striving to keep your vibration elevated? Everyone has periods in their lives when their vibration is naturally elevated while others are drawn into a place where their vibration frequency is low. Listed below are 7 of the biggest vibration reducers that are often the reason for experiencing lower vibration periods in our lives.

1. Being Overworked

When we are overworked, this burden obstructs our energy flow. If you are forcing yourself to endure a typical work week and your responsibilities, and it’s not happening organically, it’s beneficial to get some much needed rest. Taking a break will greatly benefit you in the long-run.

2. Inadequate Sleep

Sleep naturally raises our vibration. Everyone has improved energy when they have had a good night’s sleep, but you feel sluggish and worn down when they haven’t gotten adequate rest. To facilitate a high vibration, getting adequate sleep should be a high priority on a daily basis.

3. Being Drawn Into Negative Circles

It can be difficult to be around unhappy people without absorbing some of that energy yourself. You don’t have to always steer clear of everyone who has negativity in their life, but gaining a little bit of distance from negative energy will do you a world of good. A positive attitude is attained more easily when you are in a positive environment.

4. Carrying Negative Feelings

Carrying anger, hostility, and holding grudges is like ingesting poison with the expectation that the person who is the object of your grudge will die. When we have experienced pain inflicted by others, it’s easy to retain those feelings. When we carry this negativity, it can drag down our vibration. Carrying pain brings out our worst qualities, and doesn’t let us accept the event so we can move toward brighter horizons. Holding onto hatred only perpetuates more negativity, causing you more pain. Forgive people, forget the past, and live your life so you can be happy!

5. Worrying

Worry is an emotion based in fear, and this low vibration emotion attracts undesirable outcomes. For example, if you are worried that you are going to miss the bus, it’s much more likely to happen. This is due to getting what you project into the universe with consideration of the Law of Attraction. If something makes you worry and you have no control over that emotion, try to do something positive to take you away from the situation until you can come at it from an angle that doesn’t include so much fear.

6. Gossiping & Whining

Whining and gossiping only generate more about which to gossip and whine. Life’s problems come from negative attitudes, and gossiping and whining strengthen our negativity. Though it can be hard to let go of these behaviors, because it can be natural for some, be aware that when you gossip and whine, it’s only going to make the situation escalate and get worse.

7. Declining Life’s Joys

We all have responsibilities and money is an issue for so many adults, but remember life is passing you by when you decline to have fun! Every time you give up fun for something boring and routine, you have given up joy you can experience in this lifetime.

Next time you are experiencing negativity surrounding a low vibration, quickly access your actions to ensure that you aren’t killing your own vibration by engaging in the above behaviors. Steering clear of these problems will facilitate a more positive thought process and assist you with retaining a higher vibration.

Though these bad habits can be so hard to release, especially if we’ve been employing them for a significant period of time, there’s no need to punish yourself if you’ve been whining or holding onto negativity, because often it takes some time to change behaviors and remove them from our lives.

Don’t expect yourself to always be perfect, but aim for a higher vibration by raising your awareness of your behavior and strive to make better choices as often as you can. When you use your awareness, it becomes easier to make improved choices to raise our vibrations, leading to a better life.

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