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7 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Body

When you stop and think about the human body, you’ll discover that it’s really amazing. Our bodies are powerful and perform several functions completely undetected by us. Below our 7 mind blowing facts about your body that will leave you surprised.

  • 1 A 10 Watt Light Bulb Uses The Same Amount of Power as Your Brain

Have you ever wondered where the cartoon with a light bulb coming on with a great thought in the caption came from? It actually was a piece of humor that was brought on by fact. The human brain uses 200 kilocalories of power per day, the same amount of power as 10% of a 100 watt bulb. That power is being consumed at the same rate whether awake or asleep.

  • 2 Nerve Impulses can Race through the body at an Incredible 250 Miles per Hour

Nerve Impulses are constantly traveling at varying speeds, with those delivering messages to the brain reaching an impressive 250 mph. That’s that having mini Formula One cars racing back and forth all day long delivering messages that tell the body what to do.

  • 3 An Adults Blood Vessels can Travel Around the World 4 Times

All the blood vessels in an adult laid out in a straight line would reach 100,000 miles, and a child’s would reach 60,000 miles. That is an incredible distant far beyond what the average human has traveled.

  • 4 Human Beings are made out of Stardust.

If you always thought that you were born a star, you may not be that far off, Famed astrologer Carl Sagen was coined as saying that we were all made of “star stuff”, and he was right. We are made from Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen, the very same elements that stars were made of over 4.5 billion years ago. Don’t worry though we have some other stuff in there to so you won’t be burning out anytime soon.

  • 5 Your Body Becomes New Again every Seven Years

You don’t actually get a new body, however you come pretty close. Every single day you get 300 billion brand new cells that replace the 250,000 that die every second. This may seem like you’re invincible, however unfortunately not, your vital cells such as the heart, brain and bone regenerate at a slower rate, so don’t take off trying to leap tall buildings quite yet.

  • 6 Compared to Stars you Would have a More than Galaxy of Cells in your Body

There’s an incredible 75 trillion cells in your body, whereas there’s only 400 billion stars in our galaxy. The cells in are body are made up of complex molecules, the molecules are in constant motion, interacting with one another. This is what keeps are cells healthy and alive, when cells stop interacting with others the die off and are then replaced with new cells. To get a better picture imagine a vibrant community of numerous towns that make up a metropolis city surrounded by suburbs. If one suburb quit interacting with the others, the other city and towns would suffer.

  • 7 Your Cells are Emotionally Linked to You

As you know, your brain filters and controls your entire body. This includes the cells that make up your body. When you’re having a good day, you have more energy, your cells feel alive. In Contrast, a bad day can make your cells sluggish and in severe cases have led to physical ailments.

Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” This is his answer:

by Alan Geek

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