7 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Body

The human body is amazing, but many people do not quite understand just how incredible it really is. Sometimes the body seems so weak, feeble and fragile that it can be hard to recognize that it is also strong, impressive and holds almost magical marvels inside itself. People do not feel or notice most of the body’s workings and processes. Humans go about their daily activities unaware that their bodies are working, using energy, or power, and that their bodies continually renew their cells and heal themselves.

Here are just 7 incredible facts about the human body.

  • Incredible Fact 1: Brainpower exists

Look at a 10 watt light bulb, the human brain uses around the same amount of energy or power. The human brain uses around 200 kilocalories of energy each day which is approximately equal to 10 watts of electricity. The ubiquitous cartoon light bulb that appears over a character’s head, for example, Wiley Coyote, when a brilliant idea occurs and the common phrase used to describe a sudden great flash of inspiration as “a light bulb moment” are so far wrong. The body uses a similar amount of power even during sleep.

  • Incredible Fact 2: The body constantly renews itself and every 7 years is completely renewed.

Every day the body cells constantly die and are replaced with new cells. The body makes around 300 billion new cells each and every single day. Over an approximately 7 year period nearly all the body’s cells are renewed so it is quite correct to say that everyone gets an almost completely new body every 7 years. Most cells for example, the cells in the stomach lining, regenerate well, but very important cells, for example those in the bones, brain and heart do not regenerate as well so it is vital to look after them well.

  • Incredible Fact 3: The nerve impulses, or neurons, between the brain and the rest of the body travel fast the fastest going as fast as a formula 1 racing car.

Neuron speed varies wildly, because speed demands huge energy use, and the brain is very clever at using energy wisely. It only passes the most urgent messages very quickly, for example, when a person is suffering a burn to the hand, while cooking, they need to remove their hand from the source of the heat immediately to avoid more severe injury. Such an urgent message travels at around 250 miles an hour approximately the same speed as a racing car.

  • Incredible Fact 4 The number of cells in the human body exceeds the number of stars in the galaxy.

The human body is composed of around 75 trillion cells. Each cell works similarly to a small city, thousands of different complex molecules interact together to keep a person alive and consciously aware. When one compares the 75 trillion cells of the human body to the fact that there are only 400 billion stars in the galaxy, one can easily comprehend how magically amazing the human body really is. A comforting and uplifting thought during times of self-doubt, sadness or feeling worthless, the 75 trillion cells in the body are truly significant.

  • Incredible Fact 5: Human adult bodies contain 100,000 miles of blood vessels and child bodies contain 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

If the blood vessels contained within the human adult body were laid in a line the line would be 100,000 miles long, if one did the same with the blood vessels within a child’s body the line would still be 60,000 miles long. This means that a line made from all the blood vessels within an adult human body, would reach around the Earth’s circumference over four times.

  • Incredible Fact 6: The body’s cells react to a person’s thoughts.

Many scientific studies have shown that the human body’s positive and negative thoughts. Humankind has known this for a very long time, a philosopher, in ancient China, said centuries ago, that humans should watch their thoughts because they become words, and that they should watch their words because they become actions. The mind is an extremely powerful mechanism controlling every function in the human body. However, humans can control their minds. Those, who direct their minds towards positive thoughts, will inexorably have further positive thoughts, and a broader view of the world this is also true of negative thinking, which leads to a very narrow view. A good example of this is the fact that positive thoughts strengthen the body’s immune system against disease, whereas negative thoughts affect the immune system in a negative way. Negative thoughts make humans ill.

  • Incredible Fact 7: Carl Sagan was right, humans are made from stardust

At the time, people scoffed at Carl Sagan’s assertion that the human body was made from “star stuff”, because it sounds so fanciful, almost like a poetic device. However, current scientific knowledge proves that there is some truth in the assertion. Almost all the Earth’s elements were formed in a star’s core. Many of the elements and atoms in the human body, including carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, were actually created over 4.5 billion years ago in stars that have now long gone. Humans have gazed out at the wonder of the night sky and the stars since the beginning of their existence never realizing that they are actually made from star dust.
There are many more incredible and amazing facts about the human body, which is an amazing machine. These are simply a few of the impressively magical things that the human body does.

Source: Social-Consciousness

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