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7 Indications You’ve Successfuly Mastered the Law of Attraction

The idea that you attract whatever energy you put out is a New Age idea known as The Law of Attraction. The thoughts you keep focusing on will project the types of experiences that come to you in life. In order for this to happen, first you want to bring to your field of consciousness what you want to happen. This then can transform into visions, and lastly action.

If you are focusing on negative people or thoughts, your experiences are also going to be negative. On the other hand, if you shift your thoughts to positive things, you’ll see more positive appear in your life. This concept of creating your reality has become more popular recently because of the film and book “The Secret”. Even though it brought to light a lot of hidden universal truths, it also brought up a lot of questions about getting this to actually work.

A lot of people are confused about this, so below are seven signs that you are on your way to manifesting the experiences in your life you most want.

7 Indications You Are On Your Way to Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

1. A Faster Rate of Manifesting

Manifesting your reality can be obtained when you turn your attention to the things you want. If you can push out the negative voice inside your head, and shift it all to the right things, you have accomplished the first law of attraction. Keep your mind centered on the things you want to see and you will probably notice them manifesting faster. It will all begin falling into place for you. You will be grateful for what you have already and you’ll get even more to be thankful for.

2. You’re Completely Open to Change

You have to face your fears head on and confront all challenges that pop up, instead of putting walls up between yourself and another person or experience. You are meant to break the mold and leave former habits and thoughts behind so you can reach your highest potential. Learn to accept whatever comes to you in life and welcome change. You’ll find it easier to follow your path and continue learning and growing.

3. You Focus on the Present

Most of us have been tricked into thinking that only our future matters and that the present moment does not. You have however likely shifted your focus to the present if you have realized your life is headed in the right direction. Focus on what you’ve learned as you go along, keeping the lessons you’ve learned already with you.

4. You’re Not Afraid to Tell Everyone What You Want

No matter what you believe, you feel comfortable telling anyone what you want and then work for it. When something feels wrong, you seek guidance. As you go spiritually deeper, you’ll see your own particular path more clearly.

5. You Have More Positive Energy

Any heaviness and negativity you felt before has melted away. You aren’t bothered by the same things anymore and you feel excited, happy and ready for whatever might come each day. You are assured that the universe will stick up for you, so you don’t worry about your future anymore or let any negativity rule you.

6. You’re At Peace

No matter what is going on around you, you are content and calm with your place. Outside things no longer bother you since you are at ease with yourself. You have balance now and everything feels right. You’ve got a good connection to the universe and yourself, and you do not feel like anything is missing, all which adds to the good you are now experiencing in your new lifestyle.

7. You Keep Experiencing Good Things

Life seems to come so easily when you’ve found your higher self and found what you wanted to accomplish. You find the right people at the right time, your spiritual growth is enhanced by the places you are going which lets you grow, you are financially better off, healthier and more. Even though you will still encounter obstacles, you’ll see that the good is now greater than the bad.