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7 Excuses A Liar Will Try To Give You

Most are the times when you will ask for something to be done expecting a different result from the one that you actually receive. The person involved, who is a liar in this case, will try talking you into why they couldn’t actually do what you had asked for them. All of us have had to lie at one point of our lives especially to people close to us. Maybe you lied to escape having to do something that you do not want to or maybe you want to protect the feelings of those involved. According to researchers, lying is a way of maintaining balance in the social set up, where you lie to a more powerful person than you so as to take away some of their power from them. All in all, lying people are toxic and the sooner you learn how to identify a liar, then the sooner you will disassociate yourself from bad connections.

Here are some of the excuses given by liars and how to avoid these negative people:

I Forgot

If something is important to you, you will not forget about it. A liar saying that they forgot something you asked them to do simply shows that they didn’t care about it and neither do they care about you. As much as we are all prone to forgetting things sometimes, if this excuse goes on for a while, it is bout time that you let the liar know that you will not condone the excuse next time.

I didn’t have enough time

This is simply an indication that the person didn’t want to spend time doing what you asked them to. Instead, they wanted to have that time to do their stuff.

I didn’t want you to get hurt

The society today holds telling a lie as an important way of protecting the feelings of the person involved. This is therefore one of the major excuse that a liar will use when concealing the truth from you.

I Really am a good person

Imagine a situation where a not-so-attractive person believes in the notion that everyone around is flirting with them. Well, these people are lying to themselves as a way of maintaining a better image and boost their self-esteem and they refuse to embrace the truth.

I did not know it was wrong

Sometimes in the medical field, there are no set rules as far as telling the patient the truth about their condition is concerned. As such, people may lie and excuse themselves saying that they didn’t know that it was wrong. However, in our daily friendship, you should have clear rules to what extent people should be open with you. You should also let them know the consequences if they behave otherwise.

You would have also done the same thing if it were you

This is the situation where the liar is asking for your empathy so that you can see their side of the story. Sometimes we tend to judge people more harshly than we would want if we were in their shoes.

Existence of a Grey area

When a lie is involved, we do not expect the situation to be black and white. Both parties have their side of the story which both tend to differ creating a grey version of the story

According to researchers, we lie more often to people of a higher status as a way of trying to level the space between us.