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The 7 Core Mental Habits of Unhappy People

Many are the times people tend to make their life unhappy and miserable. A happy or unhappy living is defined by how one lives life as well as the mental habits which they embrace and practice in their daily living. This mental habits can either lead to immense joy or astonishing anguish and people should strive to eliminate them from their lives so that they can enjoy a happy life free of sad feelings.

Outlined below are the 7 core actions and mental habits human beings practice that makes them be termed as “unhappy people”.

The blame game

Unhappy people always think that they’re perfect and can do no wrong. They don’t take responsibility for their wrong actions and always tend to blame others for their misfortunes. They’re quick to criticize and judge others while they themselves are the source of the wrongs, but they don’t acknowledge that.

Always complaining

If one is living a happy life, it is rare to hear them complain. On the other hand, people living unhappily will always complain, day in, day out. They see their problems as huge mountains and instead of finding solutions to the issues, all they do is complaining.

They are victims of their destiny

Our desires are a great part of our lives and through one way or another, we need to achieve them. Happy people will always follow and accomplish their heart desires however, unhappy people throw away their dreams and desires and give up on themselves. They think negatively about themselves and feel that they cannot make a positive impact on their life nor on the world. We are the determiners of our destiny and we should take the long highway to achieve our heart desires.

Don’t value the present

Our lives are made of the past, the future and the present. The past is behind us while the future is ahead of us and the present is the moment we are living in and what matters most. Often are the times that unhappy people anguish themselves in what has been and what will be contrary to what is expected while living in the present. As happy people, we should enjoy the moment we are living in, which is now and exploit the moments to the fullest in search of happiness instead of feeling ourselves with sad feeling from the past and the unknown of the future.

Involved in negative competition

Human beings are deeply social beings and drive immense joy from sharing and by cooperating with their fellow humans. Those who are unhappy do not understand this though, and they are immersed in competition, always trying to surpass others in order to feel better about themselves. The only thing they achieve though is a miserable and stressful life instead of involving themselves in positive competition, hence a happy life.

Have trust issues

Trust is an essential factor when it comes to creating friendly relationships alongside having an open, welcoming heart. In the case of unhappy people, they don’t easily trust others as they live in fear of hurt, disappointment and insecurity which is all in their minds. This makes them unsocial beings and tend to shut people into their lives hence live a lonely miserable life filled with sad feelings.

Lack freedom to do as they please

Happy people don’t feel the need to ask for permission to do what their heart desires or what they love. As for unhappy people, this makes part of their living. They feel the need to be permitted to do what they love as they’ve been brought that way. They don’t pay attention to their wants and heart desires and if they do, it’s according to someone else’s laws which they live trying to fulfill. This leaves them no opportunity to enjoy life and instead they live in misery.