7 Character Traits Which People Can Judge You On

When you first meet someone, you want to assess who they are quickly and determine personality traits. You may be looking out for particular qualities such as kindness, honesty and intelligence because of this.
When you pay attention to these traits, it can help you to decide if you want a relationship of some sort with this person. This kind of character judging will be helpful with major decisions such as hiring someone, entering into a dating relationship, or accepting a job. People judge your personality based upon these things and decide who you might be and might not be.

1. How You Write

Studies have proven that how someone writes and how big their handwriting is will tell you particular things about them. It was revealed by research done by the National Pen Company that people with smaller handwriting are generally meticulous, shy and studious, while people with larger handwriting tend to be more outgoing and looking for attention.
People who put more pressure on the pen/pencil as they write take things more seriously, while people who are more sensitive or empathetic are more light-handed when the write.

2. Colors

The color you tend to wear in clothing most frequently, says Psychology Today, speaks a lot about who you are. People who are artistic, sensitive and have attention to detail choose black a lot, and those who choose red are proactive in their endeavors and live their lives to the fullest.
Affectionate and loyal people really like green, and logical and organized people love white. People who are sensitive, stable and considerate of others really like the color blue.

3. Nail Biting

Particular repetitive behaviors that are body-focused can speak volumes about your personality traits. Depending upon your body’s reaction to situations, such as biting your nails, pulling your hair or picking your skin, these actions could show that you are frustrated, impatient, dissatisfied or bored.
Research has shown that biting your nails, for example, could suggest you may be nervous or tense a lot and that you are a perfectionist.

4. Shoes

People judgement can be done accurately, according to psychologists, by checking out their shoes. Omri Gilath, lead researcher at the University of Kansas, says that by looking at the style, cost, condition and color of shoes, you can guess around ninety percent of the owner’s characteristics like their political affiliation, income, age and gender.

5. Eyes

The mirror to your soul, eyes can tell much about a person, such as what you are feeling and thinking, and if you are loyal or deceitful. People with blue eyes, according to studies, are not as agreeable and have a greater chance of becoming alcoholics than darker eyed people.
Additionally, the eyes can give you away when you lack steady eye contact, which would show a weak will and lack of self-control.

6. Punctuality

How late or early you show up for meetings or appointments can form either a positive or negative impression about your personality. You are making a negative impression about yourself when you are late for an important date, but when you are early this means you are thoughtful of others’ time and are self-motivated, plus mentally organized.

7. Handshake

People with strong handshakes have been proven to show confidence and have a strong character. These people are more likely to be expressive of their emotions, be extroverted and not as likely to be placid.
People who have a weaker handshake, however, do not have confidence and usually want an easy way out of a challenge. The difference between appearing sincerely friendly or standoffish could simply mean extending a handshake to someone.

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