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6 Ways Rejection Is Good For You

Everybody has to face rejection at one point of time or the other. If you believe that the pain you face emotionally is the same as facing pain physically, you might just be right. When you’re facing rejection, you might just feel like you’re stabbed in the back. And psychologists agree that the neural pathways for both physical and emotional pain is the same. And so, you get to feel the same pain during rejection as you feel when say someone is standing on your toe. However, believe it or not, rejection has some good effects for you as well. Here is a look at few of the ways rejection can help you to outperform yourself and do more.

  • It enhances creativity

Although the opposite seems true, yet rejection enhances creativity. Sometimes it is good to realize that you were not meant to fit in, but to stand out. A Cornell study from 2012 proved just this. You need to be rejected to accept your independence sometimes.

  • It gives you self confidence

Rejection may be a huge blow to your ego, but it also teaches you that you need to accept that not everyone will like you. At the end of the day what matters is that you should be true to yourself – and rejection teaches you just that.

  • It gives you a sense of empathy

Once you have been rejected, you will understand what it means to be in the shoes of someone who is getting rejected. This will give you perspective. When you are the rejecting party, it will also give you empathy that will allow you to let the other person off kindly. A Miami University study says that people who have been rejected can pick out genuine smiles more easily.

  • It gives you a chance to improve

Once you get over the initial negative surge of being negative, you can learn lessons from it. You can analyze what was missing the first time round and work to inculcate that into yourself. It is a chance to back down, improve yourself, and then go for whatever you wish to achieve again.

  • It helps you not obsess over the other person’s opinion

The first emotion that rejection stirs is negative. However, sometimes it is best to get the harsh truth from someone rather than holding out for a relation or expectation that is long dead. Whether it is your boss, your love interest or a friend, be thankful that they were straight with you. It saves a lot of valuable time and effort.

  • It gives you humility and makes you a well-rounded person

Rejection gives you a reality check. It tells you that you still have avenues for improvement and that you still need to learn a few things. It is a part of life. Just as failure is required along with success for character development, so is the rejection is an integral part of building a well-rounded persona.

You need to look at rejections as opportunities to become better. Remember, that you will always disappoint someone or hurt another, but you can always learn from your experiences.

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