6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Toxic People And Contagious Negativity

People who continuously convey negative emotions are inevitable in life, they always seem to have drama and want to spread their manufactured pain onto others. In the event that you suggest a more positive tone into the conversation, they immediately change the it back to negative. People who hold onto this drive to see the bad in each situation can truly hold themselves back in life, unfortunately they can also hold you back in life.

Chronically negative people can become emotionally draining and even have a contagious effect on how we view our own self-worth. One of the most critical realizations in life, is the moment an individual realizes that the way they view things is completely up to them, it is a personal decision and should never be left up to others. Freeing yourself from toxic people is also a personal decision, below are six ways to help you let go of the negative individuals in your life:

1. Personal Value and Self-Worth

Acknowledging your own self-worth is a critical first step in understanding the importance of protecting yourself emotionally. You are unique, worthy, powerful and have significant purpose in this world. Knowing this should help you understand that you deserve a fair chance to express those values with the world. In time, as your personal value grows, you will be less bothered by the negative voices in your life, including your own.

2. Terminate Your Own Negative Thoughts

Identifying your own negative thoughts as they come about will allow you to correct them, in turn you will gain a mental muscle strong enough to almost eliminate them altogether. The average person can have up to 60,000 thoughts per day, and unfortunately a majority of those thoughts are negative. Having the ability to shut off that inner critic of your mind constitutes huge powers when done consistently. This also allows you the ability to shut off the negative comments you are subjected to by others on a regular basis.

3. Create a Positive Outlook

One proven way to turn your life around is by turning your thoughts around. This can be much easier than it sounds because all you have to be aware of are your negative thoughts and the opposite of them. For example, a thought may come into your mind saying “I could never do that” so you need to acknowledge the negative thought and find the opposite thought, in this case it would be “I can absolutely do that”. Conjuring up emotions while cultivating new positive ideas greatly helps. When you are thinking negative thoughts they give you low, doubtful, sad feelings, so the goal is to create happy, secure, positive feelings. This simple trick helps you cope with the internal dialogue as well as the external dialogue you have with others.

4. Pinpoint your Negative Influences

Identifying negative influences in your life will be less challenging when you follow the steps previously mentioned to correct your own negative thoughts. There are usually people in your life who are obviously the source of negativity and continuouslydisplay bad behaviors, however there are also those who are a bit more subdued and harder to spot. If you have ever heard of the phrase “listen to your gut” then you may understand that sometimes you must pay attention to your internal queues and how a person makes you feel instead of simply their words. Identifying these people helps you know who to keep your guard up with.

5. Distance the Negative

Now that you have identified the source or sources of negative influences, you can securely distance yourself from them. The truth of the matter is, by continuing to communicate with them you are hurting yourself, and you are also hurting them. The distance will grow and as the negativity leaves your environment, things will seem more positive.

6. Make Positive connections

The good news with distancing yourself from toxic individuals is that this opens your time and energy up to have productive and positive connections. There are many people that are longing for supportive, upbeat relationships and are happy to be the same to you in return.

Making the decision to avoid negative people is a big turning point in the quality of your own life, however with that decision comes a little bit of work on your end. Knowing that the outcome is worth the effort will make these steps seem very simple.


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