6 Ways to Find The Right Partner

People say that there is only one partner out there meant for you but that is not true. There are several partners out there that are perfect for you. All you need to know are the ways to go about to find that perfect partner. Great places to begin the search include church, work places, in recreational activity groups and dating sites as well.

If you have been in a failed relationship in the past, try to figure out first why that relationship failed and try looking for a different character trait in your next partner. Follow the advice of Einstein who said that doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insanity. So, avoid taking the same approach as in your previous relationship when looking for a new partner.

6 Ways to Find the Right Partner

1. Someone You Can Have a Conversation With Without Struggling

Look for a partner you can strike a conversation with without a struggle, and one whom you can’t shy away talking about something, be it physical beauty, power or money. A positive relationship should have both partners being open to each other.

2. Someone Who Brings You Joy

Of course in a relationship there will be instances of hard times, but they say laughter is the best medicine. Your partner should bring you joy and take your mind off stressful situations or when in emotional difficulties. Find a partner who brings you joy in just about every day activities. A partner who doesn’t take him/herself too seriously, is forgiving, and doesn’t hold grudges.

3. Stable Personality

Find a partner with a stable personality—one who is emotionally stable, is cooperative and warm. A partner can be highly attractive and exciting but with an unstable personality. This will not produce a long-lasting relationship and one that is mutually beneficial. For example, a highly attractive and sexy partner seems exciting but moody, which might lead to violent mood swings. Or one can be dangerous, exciting and unpredictable but emotionally exhausting.

4. A Partner Whom You Can Be in Agreement on Most Matters

Your priority may be to get children and your partner may be against it. Or your lifestyle may be different from that of your partner, for example, you smoke and your partner hates smoking. This will create a great possibility of a break up. So, look for a partner whom you are in agreement in most issues, or it will result in recurring arguments and fights over the long term, no matter how perfect your relationship is.

5. Find a Partner with a Different Strong Personality than Yours

They say opposite attract, well the same applies in your partner character traits. If your character traits are too similar to your partner’s you will get bored when facing challenges as you will lack someone to uplifting you when you are low. Your partner’s strengths should complement your weaknesses and vice versa.

6. Don’t Be in a Hurry While in a Relationship

You’ve find that perfect partner and you’re madly in love that you want to hurriedly move in together, get married and have children. Don’t be in a hurry, just give it some time for your relationship to mature and for your bonds to strengthen.

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