6 Surprising Traits That Can Lead to a Peaceful Life

1- Let of the bondage of self:

It is amazing that people spend so much of their precious time trying to impress others. They spend tons of money on things like fancy clothes and even fancier cars just to try to impress or keep up with their neighbors. Moreover, many of these same people can’t really afford that particular lifestyle. And yet even after applying all those fake trappings of happiness, many of them still find their souls conflicted. Their efforts would’ve been better served had they applied all that energy to making contact with their inner spirituality.

2- Take a lesson from the spiritual masters:

What I mean by spiritual masters is people who have trod the difficult path and yet somehow were able to maintain their peace and serenity. For example, Gandhi and King faced seemingly insurmountable odds during their campaigns for liberty and justice for their people. And yet, they somehow managed to project an air of peace and serenity throughout their trials and tribulation. This ability to remain cool and calm in the face of adversity didn’t come naturally; it came from years of study and following the examples of spiritual people who came before them. Books contain untold treasures of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. And therein lies the key to spiritual happiness for you too.

3-Practice quality, not quantity:

The industrial revolution has made, for some, the accumulation of wealth their no. 1 priority. Many of them forego their own health in the pursuit of material gain. However, there exists among all this rat-race a group of people who have realized for a long time now that the quality of one’s life is far more important than quantity. They have chosen to adopt a holistic approach to living, in that everything about their lives, including their surroundings, plays an integral role in their happiness. Therefore, they immerse themselves in the moment by constantly maintaining an awareness of their own existence.

4- Be wary of the conditioned response:

Without even realizing it society has conditioned us to make certain responses during a particular situation. It could be something as mundane as the way we dress (When was the last time you put on your pants left leg first?), or in the way we view the rest of the world. At first, communist Russia was bad, then they were our friends, now they’re the bad guy again. It is almost as if we are being led around by the nose with a leash. But you have the power within you to free yourself from the merry-go-round society has so unwittingly placed you upon. Simply step back and see things for what they really are and you’ll soon feel the shackles of prejudice and hatred falling away.

5- Learn from your own experiences:

It has been said that there is no greater teacher than experience. Yet, how many times have you seen someone continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results? But how many people who, after having burned their hand on a hot stove, make the same mistake? But for some reason, this innate defense against harming ourselves seems to abandon us when it comes down to life decisions. We make bad financial decisions and bad marital decisions and then continue to repeat them throughout our lives. But once we begin to learn from our mistakes and realize that our actions have consequences, we can take control of our lives and forge a path that leaves to peace and happiness.

6- Which emotion is your life guided by—love or fear?

It is sad indeed that so many people’s lives are guided by fear. And it is even sadder that entire industries seem to realize this weakness in us and are taking advantage of that fear. And yet, amazingly, people who live their lives on spiritual principles are immune to such manipulation. That is because they have learnt from the masters and are able to maintain their serenity in the face of danger whether perceived or real.

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