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6 Strategies To Clean Bad Energy From Your Mind

The human mind is an incredible machine, far more powerful than even the largest computers that we have so far managed to build. Not only are they faster than computer processors, but they also have far more storage – and in fact every experience of our lives are, to some degree, stored without our brain. Some of these memories we can recall in a flash, while others remain deeply locked into our subconscious, yet all of them play a part in determining who we are and how we behave.

However, this process is largely neutral – and the mind records negative memories,and the negative energy within them – just as well as it does the positive experiences. For many thousands of years people have strove to cleans these negative energies from their psyche, and in this article we’re going to look at six of the wisest, most effective and most important strategies to assist anyonew ho feels a need to do so.

1) Build A’Wall’ Around Your Mind

Think of a medieval castle, with big strong walls, a moat and one gate. This castle is built to prevent negative energy from getting inside, and will only lower it’s drawbridge to let in positive and good energy. The key in being able to construct this mental defence lies in being able to manage and control how you listen:

* Listen selectively: There’s background noise, chatter and media everywhere we go. Even subconsciously this will affect us, so it’s imperative that we block out and ignore negative energy – this could be bad language on the subway, to gunfire on the TV. Unless it’s something you’re engaged in – blank it out.
* Listen critically: Decide what you wish to listen to with a conscious mind, try not to let noise and negativity sneak on because you’re not looking.
* Listen with your eyes: What we see is what we hear, for example reading a comment on Facebook or suchlike packed with negativity is another way that we are ‘hearing’ bad energy and taking it into ourselves. Block such negativity out – for example hide the post, or mentally rephrase the comment into a positive one.

2) Seek Out Silence

Difficult as it may feel sometimes it is still possible to find silence and solitude – even if you might need earplugs! Remove all forms of audible stimuli – electrical devices etc. – and just take a little while to close your eyes and bask in the silence. It’s incredibly relaxing, and even after just a few minutes you will feel so relieved. It’s the perfect tonic in a world full of chaos.

3) Open Up To A Broader Perspective

Negative thoughts and feeling develop when we are insular and preoccupied with ourselves and our own difficulties. By opening up to other people, experiences, activities and creating a free-flowing vitality in our routines we will attract much more positive energy, that will in turn really dilute negativity. Try to create a broad social network and express your positivity outwards. This may sound paradoxical to literally fling ourselves into the chaotic world packed with negativity, but in truth it will teach us through immersion how to deal with this negativity and be selective over what we allow into ourselves.

4) Be Open Minded Within The Moment

Nice and reassuring as it can feel to be ‘organized’ or ‘in control’, the truth is that too much of this will generate plenty of negativity through the fear that this insularity may be affected by outside pressures. As mentioned above projecting ourselves and processing chaos within our lives will generate positivity – living in fear of chaos will not.

A major part of this is how we process what other people think of us. This is vastly important and a major source of negative energy that we self perpetuate through feelings such as anxiety and a thirst for popular approval. If instead we can be free, open minded and genuine to ourselves, by projecting such positivity it will return to us tenfold. The key is not to be stymied by generating pressure upon ourselves.

5) Strength & Positivity Comes From Within

Being self confident without arrogant is the absolute key to deflecting negative energy. If we are sure of the path that we are taking then anything can be accomplished, and a large part of this is simply being able to trust ourselves. Having a clear minded objective – to reduce negativity in our lives – and accepting that it can and will be achieved, will work in tandem with self confidence. Essentially this will mean that we are true and confident in ourselves, and certain that negativity can be banished.

6) Use Language Carefully

Once we become more aware of what is going on around us, and it becomes so much more evident the background negative energy that once would have slipped by us without consciously being observed, we need to be careful with the language we use when projecting ourselves. It’s all to easy for negativity to simply slip into the way we communicate – a prime example would be asking someone not to ‘forget’ something. This word underlines negativity and a warning of disappointment should the person do so. Instead try ‘remember’ – a much more positive and proactive reinforcement of a request.

It really can be so subtle, and it is so important, to be aware of language as a powerful means of communicating both positive – and negative – energy, even when unintended. However just taking a few moments to think through and be aware of what we are saying will make a huge difference.