6 Signs You’re Arguing With A Psychopath

You might not realize this but a small percentage of the population within society can be classified as psychopaths. At least 1% of all people fall into this category and most of them are not serial killers. However, many psychopaths are manipulative individuals who intentionally cause harm to other people. They do not have a real sense of remorse or responsibility for their actions.

So how can you tell if a person is a psychopath? Honestly, it is very difficult for most people to spot a psychotic individual. Why? Because most psychopaths are good at hiding their true nature. Psychopaths are fantastic social chameleons who have the inner ability to fit into most situations. They can blend in with just about any group of people by mirroring and impersonating their mannerisms and behaviors. They also use these skills to acquire money, sex and attention.

Keep in mind that most psychopaths are secretly attention seeking individuals. They will engage in a variety of manipulative behaviors just to get attention. Many psychopaths are charming, somewhat naive and like to have fun. Most of them use these likable qualities just to fool unsuspecting friends and casual acquaintances into believing they are great people. Underneath this facade lies an insidious nature that makes them dangerous and deadly.

When a psychopath becomes threatened or bored their true natures will emerge. They will draw friends and family members into an argument and have them believing they are the ones who started the incident. As the argument progresses, a psychopath will project their negative qualities onto the other person. It is hard to contend with a psychopath because they have the ability to pull up a person’s faults and bad qualities within seconds.

Here are 6 warning signs that will let you know if you are arguing with a psychopath.

1. Psychopaths Lie and Make Excuses

Psychopaths constantly make excuses and give reasons for messing up. They really do not want to change their behavior. Instead, they want to do their own thing in their own way. A psychopath will do the right thing sometimes so you can believe that there is hope for them. However, this is a ploy for you to be grateful about the mediocre treatment you receive form them.

2. Their Tone in an Argument is Condescending and Patronizing

Psychopaths secretly push a person’s buttons because they are always wanting to be in control. Psychopaths on purposely remain calm and cool but they do so just to mock a person. They gauge a person’s reaction while they are arguing just to see how far they can push them. Once a person starts to react emotionally they will then began further mock them and tell them to calm down.

3. Mind-Blowing Hypocrisy is a Trick often used by Psychopaths

Psychopaths love to label people when they argue and they like to project their flaws onto others. They do this to make other people appear crazy to other individuals.

4. Watch out! Psychopaths seem to have Multiple Personalities

Psychopaths seem like they are normal one minute but when they argue another side of them will emerge. Their behavior ranges from scary to good to downright disturbing. One minute they will try to appease a person and the next minute they will act like a raving lunatic. The behavior of a psychopath is unpredictable and unnerving. Once you encountered a real psychopath in an argument you will be asking yourself “what the hell is wrong with this person?”

5. Psychopaths Love to “Play” the Victim

Psychopaths are always crying to others about being the victim. They will do this when they argue. They will tell you about their past relationships and experiences to get you to empathize with their plight. However, they usually do this just to divert their attention away from themselves and on to you. Psychopaths love to cry abuse but in the end they are abusing you and others.

6. Psychopaths do not Understand Basic Human Emotions

Psychopaths really do not care about hurting people. They only care about pleasing themselves and meeting their own needs. They are constantly provoking people and drawing them in to more chaos and confusion. You can think that you can outwit a psycho but the truth is they are usually one step ahead of you. Again, most psychopaths just sit around thinking about how people are going to respond to what they are doing.

The only way to beat a psychopath in an argument is to disengage. Arguing with a psychopath will leave you drained, obsessing for days over the situation and put you in a negative light. In other words, they want other people to see how crazy you are when you react strongly to their negative behavior. Until you can understand this you will always fall into their manipulative traps. So the next time you get into an argument with a person who shows these qualities you should simply smile and walk away. Just go and live your life. These people do not deserve another second of your time.


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